My Travel Diaries (How Things Started)

My Travel Diaries (How Things Started)

A Story by Vin

There is another page in every gypsy’s life. Not everything is romantic/ pleasing / photogenic. There are days in which you starve and struggle for all things. That is were the traveler grows. With struggle and pain, we get molded into something we never imagined.

During my earlier days,travelling was not cake-walk. It is indeed risky to visit totally unknown terrains for a 16 year old boy. But I dared to take the risk and began my

journey. Also no one was informed about this initially. Later I told some close ones's that I have been doing this. By that time I had done almost 50 solo travels.

As soon as I made up my mind to travel across our country, I decided certain things : It is always a big no to Drinks, Drugs and Sex. So during travel, I'm always in full energy to enjoy

life to its fullest. Plus there is a heavy cut savings. And also Youth is a time to have adventure and experience life to its fullest- not to wander in the pleasure and missing life.

Only when we shun the above three things, we will see India in its entirety. This is what I believe. Because there are certain people who are not approachable by pleasure-seekers. Like the sadhus, aghoris, mystics, black-magicians and so on. When we have decided to unfold life, why limit to certain experiences!!!

I wanted life to come in all the ways possible. Hence I did the stupid and the sublime. One day I wrote a message on a rock with a piece of chalk. It was quite a long one. The next day I came, there were 50 pages around it taking photos and praising the same. This kicked of a new idea- why not writing!

So Life throws many things at you. We need to do just what is necessary. But for that what we need to do is lay a foundation. We need to have clarity how to live life. May be writing down will help- what to be, to do and what not! I’ve done this. It sounds stupid and difficult for some people. In order to help others with this idea, I started Life coaching called Create Your Life. More free classes and occasional paid ones. But it is a joy to see others living a life they want to live!

Don’t you agree?

© 2020 Vin

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This is an interesting & compelling share about your life as a seeker. I like the way you start this out, easing into your topic, giving us a little background on your traveling history, as a whole. A strong point that you make is -- no drugs, drink, sex, or you can't see much of what India is about -- but you do not paint us a fulsome enuf picture of WHY this is the case. What happens when the casual drinker approaches a mystic? Are they somehow detected & sent away? It is your job as a writer to make us see & feel & know the rightness of what you're saying. Especially since you write as an authority on traveling & seeking . . . you need to convince us that what you say is truly the case. You can't throw out a big fat rule like that without convincing the reader that what you say is truly the case. Your writing is developing nicely & you are writing in a way that covers more of the questions an audience will have, & filling in many of the blanks that I saw in your earlier writing. But you still have a habit of skipping over the essentials of defining what you say! (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 4 Months Ago

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Added on March 12, 2020
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A Story by Vin