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NAME: Titania Greev                                    


AGE: unknown


HEIGHT: 5’ 9”                                     


WEIGHT: 135 lb.


BIRTH DATE: unknown               


HAIR: Burnett with hints of red


EYES: Ice Blue              




DRESS: Only primarily seen in different variations of valkyrie armor.


DESCRIPTION OF HOME: The Palace of the Sky Kingdom resides on a floating continent that is normal invisible to everyone but its inhabitant. If others happen to spot it the sight is extremely beautiful but upon approaching the Kingdom it becomes protected by high winds, rain, and hail making it almost impossible to approach uninvited.


DOMINANT CHARACTER TRAIT: Headstrong. Very confident in her abilities and strength.


SECONDARY CHARACTER TRAIT: Titania often comes off as not taking situations as serious as they should. She takes many challenges with only a slight regard. She has seen and been through very tough and challenging missions and finds challenges to be less and less threatening to her.


BEST FRIEND: Clementine, Tanith, and Faith


OTHER FRIENDS: She holds a slight respect for the Guardians (the stronger ones)


ENEMIES and WHY: Anyone that is an enemy to her kingdom or her friends. She thinks everyone else is beneath being an immediate threat to her.


FAMILY: The other Valkyrie. She has lived past any blood relatives.


Sees self as: A very valuable soldier


Is seen by others as: A respectable soldier but her attitude with missions often annoy others.


Sense of humor: Most of the time, sarcastic


Temper: Has rarely been seen upset. She feels she's in control of most situations and if anything ever changes that then she may show a slight temper.


Basic nature: Honor and strength


Ambitions: To protect her kingdom and strive to find challenges worth her effort.


Educational background: Grew up under the protection and education of the Valkyrie from a young age.


Habits: Training, searching for challenges when she can throughout Earth.


Talents (when character looks good): Fighting, Flying (she has wings)



(responses in her own voice and language)


OCCUPATION: My occupation is one of the Valkyrie of the Sky Kingdom. I am one of the Vanguards. I protect the Kingdom and its people from invaders and threats.


CURRENT HOME: I also reside in the Sky Kingdom as well.


MARITAL STATUS: As a Valkyrie code we are not to be wed and are to remain pure.


FAVORITE PIG OUT FOOD: Pigout? Oh, you mean the food I would eat a lot if there were no setbacks? Well, I say a lot of human food is actually appetizing. Especially, Italy's pastas. I think I'd eat those all the time if given the choice. Especially, since there is a lot of variety.


FAVORITE PERFORMER/AUTHOR/SPORTSMAN ETC: I do a lot of marital arts training for hand-to-hand. But I practice with my mace alone. It's far too dangerous for others if I were to train with it around them. Oh! this is about sports I enjoy watching. (laughs) Sorry. Human Soccer is very entertaining to watch. I can see why it's such a wide watched sport. Oh and also the Olympics. I love watching those ever so much!


I WISH I COULD STOP: I wish I could stop all the evil in one fell swoop! But alas that's nothing but an unrealistic desire. I don't think evil will ever cease no matter what form it takes.


I'M A SUCKER FOR: A sucker? Oh, these metaphores are bizarre. But obviously, I love challenges. Like ones worth my time, not the simple missions. But if I catch wind of many challenges on Earth then I'll give it a try. Of course I'm under a disguise but I will not give any hints about what it looks like or how I hide these wings.


THE WORST PART OF MY LIFE IS: I have the same issue that many other beings with long lifespans have. They outlive their friends. I don't know why I was the only one of my family to have this trait but I accept it and embrace it.


A GOOD TIME FOR ME IS: When a fight happens. Like a big one. I know it sounds bad and it is. I like fighting though. I like being the first on the battlefield, hence me being in the Vanguard.


THE WORST ADVICE THAT MY FATHER GAVE ME WAS: Oh, gosh, this takes me back. I guess now that I think about he always did want me to grow into a proper young lady. Like the ladies of the court but that's not what I wanted and he and I never saw eye to eye on the subject. But none the less he did try. It wasn't till I was well into combat training and picked out my signature weapon that he started seeing my potential. The mace was his weapon back when he fought under the queen's name. I guess he was proud of me in the end. To become Vanguard is no easy feat.


 I THOUGHT I WAS GROWN UP WHEN: I joined the Vanguard. That was like I had officially climbed over a wall from childhood into adulthood. 


NOBODY WOULD BELIEVE ME IF THEY SAW ME: Willing not charge into a fight. In this age we have some people that have the ability to take the shape of others or the form. If they can't fight with a mace or back down from a challenge there is a 100% chance that is not me.


MY FRIENDS LIKE ME BECAUSE: I'm loyal and get along with others. Oh and i've done the rescue thing a few times. Like if Clementine, she's a good friend of mine, were in trouble and she calls me, if I show up she gets this look of relief. She knows there's nothing else to worry about. Someone could be in the middle of swinging a weapon at her and I have ways to immediately take their attention. But I won't disclose anything on my training.

© 2014 VincentRayne

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