The Warnings

The Warnings

A Chapter by VincentRayne


Sarah sat in the outside sitting area of a restaurant taking a sip from her glass of tea. She had her laptop open on the table and was trying to find something on a search engine when a man walked to her table and sat down. Sarah looked up and had no idea who this stranger was. She looked around and saw that there were plenty of tables open and wondered, again, why he chose to sit at her table. “Um, excuse me. Can I help?” Sarah still wasn’t completely used to the human tongue and her light accent must have showed because the man smiled.
“Yes, you can, actually. I have heard much about you. It’s, really, quite an honor to be sitting across from the royal queen of Realm.” How did he know about her royal status? Sarah never told anyone of the things concerning anything outside of Earth.
“H-how did—”
“I know a lot about you. To be honest I’ve been watching you often for the past couple of months. My name is Vincent Rayne.” Then all kind expressions disappeared from his face. He leaned forward in his chair and his voice lowered. “I am here to warn you. Seght moi dagn.” You’re in danger, is what he spoke in her native tongue and then he got up and walked away. Sarah was trying make of what he meant when a tall building across the street from her exploded making a harsh sound a shaking the ground. She looked up and saw large piles of rubble falling down towards the café she was at. There were other people there and she had to save them somehow. She stretched both of her hands towards the falling wreckage and a solid bubble appeared around the outside area of the café. The debris struck the shield hard and the people inside all screamed in terror but Sarah held the force field strongly. After the last of the rubble finished falling she brought her hands down and the shield disappeared. The people of the restaurant ran up to her and started thanking and praising her for saving their lives but Sarah’s eyes were on the hole in the side of the tall building. There was a person with black hair with the tips of her bangs being red. The woman also had to buns on both sides of the back of her head with loose hair coming from them. She looked back at Sarah with a frustrated look and then disappeared. Now Sarah knew what kind of danger Vincent meant but how did he know what was going to happen. A better question was who exactly is after her.

Niko turned the corner in the building, his Uzi held in front of him. He didn't call out because he didn't want the person to know where he was at. Niko had already searched the whole building when he saw a girl with black hair died red at the end of her bangs running through the rubble. He fired, and missed, groaning. Behind him, there was a loud popping noise. Niko turned and saw the girl standing there, holding a wicked sword up against him.
"You will turn back now or die." she said, hissing. Niko growled, pointed his gun, and fired. But she'd already moved. The bullet nicked her side as she dashed away, seething. She stopped, muttered a few words, and then disappeared altogether. He knew what that meant. Niko ran for his life out the destroyed part of the building as a second explosion erupted, and more debris fell. He ran towards a restaurant, and then stopped, recognizing who was standing there. Sarah Rayne, the queen leader of Realm. Niko stepped up towards her, his head bowed.
"Looks like you're in for a long ride..." 
   Sarah looked at Niko and immediately noticed that he wasn’t one of the innocent bystanders. Judging by him bowing, he must know of Sarah’s royal status as well. Two in one day. Sarah thought to her self. “Who are you?” Niko stood and Sarah found herself having to actually look up. She normally thought of her being taller than most of the other human girls. The man opened his mouth to answer when the sound of an airplane drowned out all other noises. They both looked up at saw a large black jumbo jet with helicopter blades on the ends of each wing. The plane was much larger than any other flying aircraft Sarah had ever seen. The side opened up and dozens of black ops soldiers came down on ropes to the ground. The crowd dispersed, running for their lives. It was then that Sarah saw the same girl in the chopper that blew up the building. The girl just jumped from the copter and landed on the ground with the street cracking and breaking up from the impact.
The girl pulled out two duel pistols and started shooting at Sarah. Niko tackled Sarah out of the path of the bullets. Sarah glimpsed at the place where she was just standing and saw the every single bullet punctured the exact same area. The soldiers were almost on them and Sarah and Niko stood up and readied themselves. When the first soldier reached them he swung an electrified baton at Sarah’s face. She ducked and did a spin sweep, tripping the man from behind while at the same time Niko delivered a solid kick to the soldier’s face, making him do a back flip. The soldier landed on the ground unconscious. Another member came from behind Niko and swung at his head. Niko saw the man coming and grabbed the person’s striking arm and pulled him over with his back facing his intended target. Niko hit the soldier with his shoulder and a large sphere of electricity burst from the impact. The soldier went flying into his comrades. Sarah’s eyes turned black and a large black circle appeared in the middle of the black ops members. An explosion was heard like thunder and dozens of soldiers were sent soaring in every direction. Sarah’s eyes turned normal again. The sound of bullets ricocheting off the ground made Niko act quickly. He grabbed Sarah’s arm and pulled her to an empty, large, office building with blinding speed. When they were in the building Sarah turned towards Niko.
“They will be here quickly. How will we deal with so many? And the woman too. How can—” Niko put his finger against her lips for silence and panted. He hadn't done anything remotely physical in about a month. After regaining his breath Niko finally spoke.
"My Jeep is parked in front of this building. It's the black one. You walk out to it and get in and start driving. Do you know that small pastry shop on Fifth Avenue? I'll meet you there fifteen minutes after you leave. The people who own it are friends of mine. They'll cover for us for awhile while we disguise ourselves and then relocate to Southside."
"Go. Now!" Niko said, urging her out the front of the building. She looked back briefly as she jogged out to the Jeep. Sarah could hear the soldiers regrouping in the distance and hurried her pace. Sarah saw the black jeep and hopped in. She felt relieved when she saw that the keys were still in the ignition. She started the jeep and suddenly two soldiers appeared followed by the woman clapping.
“Nice job. You’re everything that I have expected and more. I wasn’t expecting your friend but that’s only a simple complication that will be dealt with shortly. As you will be.” The girl drew two daggers. “Prepare!”
The woman rushed at Sarah and swung several strokes. Sarah barely managed to dodge the strikes when the woman suddenly did a jump spin kick that hit Sarah across the face. The woman went into a flurry of kicks. Sarah blocked the majority of them but then she countered a low kick. Sarah grabbed the woman’s ankle and flung it in the air making her do several flips in the air until landing on her neck with a grunt. Sarah picked the woman up and made contact with her jaw with an uppercut. The woman recovered and made another attempt to slice Sarah’s throat. Sarah spun into the woman’s arms and elbowed her once again in her jaw. Sarah then grabbed the woman’s wrist and twisted in to make the girl drop one of her daggers. The woman screamed in pain as Sarah seized the knife, spun around again, and sliced the woman’s throat. The two soldiers gasped as the woman fell to the ground. Before the guards could lift their guns Sarah threw both of the daggers into the men’s chest. Sarah looked back at where the woman fell and saw her change into a dead black ops soldier.
“Wha-? A diversion?” Sarah heard the sound of footsteps of more men approaching and climbed into the jeep. She turned the key pulled out of the parking lot and headed for the shop on Fifth Avenue.
Niko sprinted as fast as he could. He could hear the noises from the fight that ensued and then the sound of his Jeep driving away. He smiled, and ran even harder. Once at the shop, he slipped behind the counter and looked for the owner.
"Niko?" his friend Cath asked, a smile disappearing from her face. "What's wrong?" He held a finger up to his lips to tell her to be quiet. After he'd stopped breathing hard, he spoke.
"Somebody is after me. Me and a friend. They're trying to kill us, and so far, they've almost gotten us once. We need help. Sarah, my friend, will be here in about a minute or two. Direct her upstairs will you? I need to get out of these clothes." He started for the stairs. "Do you still have those wigs from Halloween?" Cath nodded. "Good."
Sarah skidded to a halt in the jeep and looked at the shop Niko had directed her to. She parked the jeep behind the building that way no one would spot it right away. She then went back around to the front and entered the store. There was no one to be seen. “Hello?” Sarah called out and a woman appeared from a room behind the counter.
            “Yes, may I help you?”
            “I was told to come here.” Cath looked Sarah over and then lowered her voice barely above a whisper as if fearing someone would hear her.
            “In the room behind me there is a door that leads to a flight of stairs. At the top there are two doors. Take the one on the left. There are clothes laid out for you. Niko’s in the other room getting prepared.” The sound of another massive jet filled the silence. “Hurry, go!” Cath yelled. Sarah jumped over the counter and rushed to the door and stopped.
            “Thank you.” Sarah called over her shoulder.
            “A friend of Niko is a friend of mine.” Then Sarah opened the door, climbed the stairs, and went into the room on the left. The space was the size of an average sized bedroom with only a bed, mirror, desk, and one window with the light from the sun shinning through. Sarah closed the blinds, afraid that, by some chance, someone would see her. On the bed lay clothes that were of a gothic design and next to them was a wig. After getting dressed she looked herself over in the mirror. She was surprised to see how much she looked like her friend Evilyne, especially, with the long black haired wig. There was another door that led to the bathroom and Sarah saw that there was makeup laid out for her. She never really liked covering her face with it so she just kept with the eyeliner. There was a knock on the door soon after she finished up.
            “Are you done yet?” The voice was Niko’s.
            “Y-yeah.” Sarah looked at herself in the mirror one last time to make sure she looked fine. She smiled and realized that she was very good at pulling off a pure gothic look. Arm warmers, fishnet shirt underneath an off the shoulder black shirt, a black short skirt, with leg stockings and platform boots. Niko opened the door and Sarah thought she could see a thin smile appear on his face.
            “Time to go.” Niko pulled Sarah back downstairs. Cath handed him a duffel bag filled to the brim with foreign money and food that would make them look like foreigners. Niko quickly hugged her, and then ushered Sarah out of the door and into the Jeep.
"Won't they recognize it?" Sarah asked, her eyes wide.
"Yeah, we have to stop at an Enterprise. We need a fast car that matches the amount of money we have in the bag. It would look weird if we were driving an old Ford truck when we have millions of dollars in the bag."
"Millions? What are we doing? Going into hiding?"
"Not quite. We're gonna be in plain sight. We're going to attract attention on purpose, so that when they realize that all those times before when they'd seen us, they would wish that they could murder us." He grinned deviously.
"We're going to be in Germany?" Sarah asked, incredulous. Niko just smiled.


© 2009 VincentRayne

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No offense, but I believe this was poorly done. You introduce the past and descriptions of the characters in the writing, not in a bio right before. It takes a lot out of the story. I would not read this, and in fact skipped as much as I could. It is ok to have a dramatis persona page, with a small, a sentence at most, bit of info about the characters,. but a whole paragraph, right before they start interacting in the story, and then back to the bios? Nope.

Posted 15 Years Ago

The way this is set out is reallt confusing me and can i say i have not read it all as it is very long but i have read a small amount to give some feedback and see what your writing is like. This is written very well, each sentence flows onto each other but it does have the occasional grammar lapse which pulls you out of what is happening. I would say change the way you lay it out and it seems more like a chunk of text rather than a piece of fiction and it will put people off. Apart from that what i read was good and I may find myself returning to read some more of it.

Posted 15 Years Ago

Good introduction, very interesting. I like it.

Posted 15 Years Ago

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Chapter 1 Chapter 1

A Chapter by VincentRayne

Chapter 1 Chapter 1

A Chapter by VincentRayne

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