A Chapter by VincentRayne


The woman walked into the darkly lit room with her head lowered. She had failed her mission and now she was going to suffer the consequences. She took her seat at the long glass table where the others were already seated. Tiny lights on the table lit up making it easier to see the people sitting at it. At the end of the table the leader of the F.E.A.R. organization glared at her. “It seems that I was wrong in choosing you for this particular job.” He said in a menacing voice.
            “I’m sorry but there were…complications.” She tried to explain. Another woman’s voice cut in.
            “What kind of complications.”
            “There was an unexpected person. If it wasn’t for him I would have killed her already.”
            “Kaoru,” The woman turned to the leader. “it seems as if this failure may not have been completely Zepher’s fault.” Kaoru turned again to Zepher.
            “It seems that this will not be as easy as I hoped so I will send both you and your brother, Snyder. That should be enough. And if you feel the need to have extra help then have some people from Dark Redemption help you.” Snyder spoke up.
            “If we may, could we also have BOWs to help us as well?”
“That is Vincent’s decision. He is their creator.” Everyone looked at Vincent sitting in silence.
“Do as you wish but only use the animal types. The human types are still in their experimental stage.”
“Speaking of which, are you almost done with Omega. I’m eager to see what potential he has.
“There is only one obstacle that hinders Omega from completion. The orbs of Judgment.”
“You need both of them?”
“Yes, I understand the difficulty in obtaining them but if we are to expect Omega to be at his full capabilities then we have no choice.”
“Understood. Vincent, Thantos, and Toshiya will take to locating the orbs.” Kaoru turned to the woman that sat next to him. “I hope there are no objections, Toshiya.”
“Of course not, my dear.” She replied.
“Good. Snyder and Zepher will pursue the two threats. I myself will accompany them. Maybe that will be enough motivation. You are all dismissed.” Everyone stood and went to fulfill their duties.
Sarah sat in the passenger seat of the jeep staring out at the scenery quickly passing by.
“Is something wrong?” Niko asked bringing Sarah back to reality.
“Oh, nothing, just thinking about the past.”
“The past? What of it?” Sarah started speaking in the tongue that the people of the Light and Dark realm shared.
“Of how much I’ve gone through since I first arrived here at Earth five years ago. I don’t remember much of my life before then so in a way this planet is my home. But then I know that I have an actual home someplace far away. The problem I have with everywhere I go is that I’m shunned. Everyone either fears me or hates me. My blood flows with the King of the Dark and the Queen of the Light Realms. I have a struggle inside of me constantly between the two sides that feels like its tearing my insides. Many of my family members were killed because of me.” Sarah put a hand to her head. “I-I just don’t know how to handle all of this.”
Niko glanced at her. "Have you ever thought of creating a new realm? For others that are of both heritage? It wouldn't have to be just for them either. It could be for anybody who wanted something new. The old ways are quickly disappearing and there are many wars. Besides, this is an adventure! We're supposed to have fun while we're running for our lives."
"And even if they're about to kill us?"
"Even then. And I'm sorry about your family. I might not be able to exactly understand how you feel, but I can on a level. My family disowned me." He looked thoughtful as he drove on.
Sarah remained quiet for a while pondering on Niko’s idea creating a new world. She didn’t know whether he was just saying it to calm her down or if he really meant it. It sounded like it was impossible but it had been done before. The realm of Fear was created by the Underworld King before but he was sealed away for eternity afterwards. People feared that kind of power. Sarah didn’t know if she would be able to do it or not. She completely dismissed the idea. No, it is impossible. Even if she did create another realm the power drained from her to do it would kill her and she wouldn’t be able to enjoy it. The people of the Light and Dark realm despised each other. There’s no way that they would live each other. The other realms were just fine with where they were as well.
Niko and Sarah arrived at the airport and were going through the security check line when Sarah spotted someone who wore the same insignia badge that the woman that tried to kill them did. Niko noticed as well. “Calm down. Were in disguises, remember? They won’t know it’s us even if they see us.” Sarah calmed herself down some. Then the woman suddenly stepped into view followed by another man that looked like her just the ends of his bangs were colored blue. The two split up and to Sarah and Niko’s horror the woman started looking through the people in the security check line. Sarah turned away hoping that the woman wouldn’t see her when she heard the woman yell.
“Hey, you!” Sarah instinctively turned and saw the woman was talking to another person five people ahead of Sarah and Niko. The woman continued and was about to get to Niko when someone called her.
“Zepher, come here!” Vincent had called her and Zepher broke from her search to see what he wanted. The two started talking in what seemed like a heated debate. The line moved forward and Sarah was relieved when she and Niko got through the line and to the plane without any problems. When they sat down in their seats a sigh of came out from them both.
“Talk about luck being with us.” Niko said as the plane started to pull out from its port.
“I don’t think luck has anything to do with it.” Sarah replied. Sarah said in her foreign tongue but quickly reverted back to her human tongue.
“What are you talking about? Do you think it was fate, then?” Niko asked.
“No, that man…he helped me before.”
“So, you’re saying that guy that pulled the woman away is on our side?”
“Well, that makes me feel a little bit better. You’d better get some rest. It’s going to be a long flight and we have a lot more to do after the flight.”
Niko struggled to stay awake on the eleven hour flight. Sarah dozed lightly beside him, her head leaning against the side of his shoulder. He finally succumbed to sleep.
~~~ Seven Hours Later~~~
Niko woke up and yawned, stretching his arms above his head. Sarah smiled.
"Hey. How long have you been awake?" he asked, rubbing his eyes.
"About an hour maybe." Niko nodded, and beckoned for a flight attendant. "Can I get a coke please?" The woman nodded, left, and soon reappeared with a can of pop and a glass with ice in it. "Thanks."
"So where are we going once in Germany?"
"West Berlin. I've heard that they have very good shopping. Plus, that's where F.E.A.R hangs out. I like messing with 'em." He grinned wolfishly.

“Can I offer you something to drink sir?” A nervous flight attendant asked for the sixth time. Gunther trying to not draw attention to himself attempted a smile.
“That’s ok thank you, ill let you know if I need anything.” Blushing, the woman walked away, and Gunther was left to his target, which was targeting his old target. He wanted nothing more that to say something to Sarah who he thought of as a younger sister, but then she would still be in danger of being assassinated.

Finally the moment Gunther had been waiting for arrived, a small man in a black trench coat. This guy must be an armature not only does the trench coat make you stand out, but it also limits your movements. Gunther thought as the man passed on his way to the bathroom. Once that man had closed the door he followed. Leaning agents the wall closest the door. The flight attendant approached ready to ask if he needed anything.
“Yes, actually I could use some toilet paper for my friend, he seems to be stranded if you know what I mean.” Gunther flashed a smile that flustered the flight attendant.
That gives me a little under a minute
The lock on the bathroom door clicked, and Gunther stepped inside a wild look in his eyes, and a true smile on his face. Twenty seconds later Gunther stepped out of the bathroom, just as the flight attendant returned.
“I found one.” Gunther said holding up a roll. “Thanks”
Gunther returned to his seat just as the seatbelt sign turned on.

Gunther maneuvered through the crowed with ease, his eyes never loosening. Sarah or the man he leaned to be Niko. When the crowed thinned and the two had left the air port is when Gunther decided to reveal himself.

“Hey, Queenie!” Gunther called, Sarah turned with a confused look on her face that changed from shock to excitement.
“Gunther!” she squeaked excitedly as she ran to give him a hug. “I thought you were dead!”
“Please, it takes m-” Gunther paused for a second as he revived a hug as a full run almost knocking him over. “…more than a couple hundred BOWs and an explosion to kill me.”
Sarah was relieved to see her old friend still alive. The last time she saw him was before F.E.A.R. even started a year and a half ago. That was when she was still with her friends: Zack, Mei, Xana, Lara, and Rican. That was before the explosion that wiped out a whole city and killed her old friend, Evilyne. Neither Sarah nor any of the other Princess Guardians knew what happened with Evilyne. She turned rogue and had even gained a new power. One that she said could steal people’s abilities at the cost of their life. Sarah’s life had gone down hill since then. There was always someone following her and now there was a major corporation that is now involved.
“Sarah, are you okay?” Gunther’s voice shook her out of the thoughts.
“Y-yeah. I’m just still tired.” Sarah turned to Niko. “Can we head to a hotel to get some rest?”
“Sure, why not?”
At the hotel Gunther and Niko left Sarah in her own room while they went to the store to stock up on essential items. Sarah sat on the bed in one of the rooms of the large hotel rooms. Sarah decided to take a shower to wind down. After the shower she got dressed in an oversized dress shirt. She turned on the radio and sat down on the bed again when she thought she saw the lamp next to her bed shake. Sarah then heard something directly above her and she looked up just as a man dropped down from the high ceiling. Sarah dodged out of the way just as he landed on the bed, completely obliterating it underneath him. The man stood up slowly and glared at her.
“Bradley?” Sarah whispered under her breath. She thought she had killed the vampire a while ago. This time he looked more hostel and Sarah knew this was going to turn out to be another fight for her life.
Without warning he stretched forth his hand and Sarah felt, as much as heard, the pulse that came from him. The wave blasted her back to the wall hard. The impact instantly forced blood from Sarah’s mouth but quickly ignored the pain. She pushed herself from the wall just as he fired another pulse from his hand. Bradley seemed to warp in front of Sarah, cutting off her escape route. Bradley gave off a wicked smile and Sarah instantly swung a kick at his head. He easily blocked it and Sarah jumped back. This time, Bradley spun for a round house kick and Sarah attempted to block it with the side of her arm.
The block was a futile attempt as Bradley broke through her guard with another pulse that came with the contact of his leg against her. He sent Sarah flying into the living room and was knocked into a couch. Sarah was getting exhausted quickly. Bradley heard the phone ring and quickly silenced it by smashing it with another quick kick. He then chuckled and turned back towards Sarah.
“It seems the little lamb is caught in the corner without any help. You’ve made this an interesting game but now is the time to end it. After I’m done with you I’ll take care of your two unsuspecting friends so that they may join you.” Sarah’s anger renewed her strength as she picked up the couch and hurled it at Bradley. The act caught him off guard and the force knocked him over as he attempted to block the couch. Sarah tried to run out the door but skidded to a halt when she saw he warped in front of her again. He swung his fist to land a blow on her jaw but he blocked it and thrust a palm against his chest. The blow sent him flying back into a far wall. Sarah rushed at him and Bradley managed to dodge her punch and the she swung around for a kick. He grabbed her leg and Sarah immediately used Bradley as leverage to do a back flip kick hitting him in the jaw. He let and stumbled back against the wall and before he could recover Sarah kneed him in the stomach. She then pressed her hands against his chest and used the ability that was similar to his. The blast sent Bradley flying through a wall and she followed after him and was greeted by a forceful kick that would have sent her soaring backwards but Bradley caught Sarah by the wrist and threw her with all of his strength to the wall down the hall.
Sarah instantly recovered and flipped, landing feet first, on the wall. Bradley followed up; warping in front of her but didn’t expect her to recover from the throw. Sarah pushed off the wall with a tremendous force and transferred it to him with a solid jump kick. As he went flying back she kept up and seemed to warp like he did. She appeared over him and slammed down on him with feet. Bradley bounced against the floor and Sarah grabbed him by his collar and threw him against the side wall. She then kicked him to the opposite wall and went to keep up the offensive but stumbled to the floor from exhaustion. Her eyes suddenly turned black and she stood up again as Bradley was still trying to recover.
Sarah yelled and started delivering a flurry of kicks to Bradley’s face. Her kicks only started to speed up as Bradley received a blow from every attack. Sarah’s hands glowed black and she thrust them at his chest again but this time with much greater force. Bradley flew through the wall and fell thirty stories from the hotel room. Sarah tried to keep her balance but found it impossible. She sank against a wall and her eyes returned to normal as she fell into a deep sleep.
Niko watched Gunther suspiciously as they walked back to the hotel with bags of supplies. He wasn't quite sure what to make of Sarah's friend. Niko trudged along under the weight of seven grocery bags. When they finally reached the hotel, Niko panicked, for there was a huge hole in the side of their room that could be seen from outside. Niko dropped the groceries at the front desk, and followed by Gunther, ran up the stairs to find Sarah. Gunther kicked the door down and together, they found Sarah lying on her bed sleeping.
"Should we wake her up?" Niko asked. Gunther shook his head.
"We'll find out when she wakes up." They left the room and went back downstairs to collect the food and other items. Niko put them away while Gunther made sure that there wasn't anybody else in the hotel suite except for them.

© 2009 VincentRayne

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Chapter 1 Chapter 1

A Chapter by VincentRayne

Chapter 1 Chapter 1

A Chapter by VincentRayne