A Chapter by VincentRayne

The room is silent as six people stare at a large monitor on the wall displaying the series of events that happened at E.D.G.E. courtyard. After the two assailants disappeared the monitor shut of and the room’s dim lights flickered back on. The leader, Kaoru, of the group spoke first at the long table.

            “Who was the female accomplice?”

            “Her name is Alpha.” Vincent answered.

            “Impressive, Vincent. Your manufacturing skills are definitely desirable here.” Snyder said.

            “Flawless. So the male is Omega? You’ve been working on him for so long but now I know why you needed the finishing date extended.” Zepher, Snyder’s sister chimed in. “Did you order them to take out all of the security cameras as well?”

            “I didn’t have to. Remember that they are the most intelligence of BOWs. Them being Bio-organic Weapons, they are able to think on their own.”

            “Were they made from humans? Are they humans themselves?” Thantos, a leader of a separate organization called Dark Redemption asked.

            Dark Redemption is known for their collaboration with Crimson, an experimental branch that specializes in the development of BOWs. Crimson is the mind the Dark Redemption is the muscle. That’s what people describe them as.

            “Not so much.” Vincent replied. “Their appearance is like that of a human and even their voices match but realistically all similarities end there. Alpha’s movements are extremely quick and agile but at the same time they are also graceful. It takes an extremely ‘special’ person to be able to move at that pace without too much exertion on their muscles. An average person would rip their own body to shreds.”

            “Is that all she can do? Just move fast?” Zepher is the only one that has any traces of human emotions that dramatically stand out. Her tendency to make others know how she feels and her habit of questioning others is often irritable to the others.

            “She is much more capable than just speed. I’d like to see you in a fight against her.” Toshiya, Kaoru’s wife and assistant spoke up to cut of the impending argument.

            “Well, what do we do now?”

            “We wait for a couple of days. E.D.G.E. probably thinks that Alpha and Omega were only after Rican. We let them settle on the idea that we probably won’t attack again and that will be when we strike.”

            “What about that Sarah girl?” Zepher asked. “Once she hears about what just happened surely�"”

            “She wouldn’t risk exposing herself.” Everyone starred at Vincent.

            “How do know this?” Since the feeling another confrontation coming Toshiya cut in again.

            “It doesn’t matter. Vincent says Sarah is not going to be a problem. We can just leave it at that. I don’t have any reason to distrust him after his contribution. And you, Zepher�"do not forget your place. Your outspokenness is causing nothing but problems.” Kaoru slapped his hands on the table to get everyone’s attention.

            “I brought you all to this place when half of you had no where else to turn. We now form one of the most powerful umbrella corporations in the world. We have Crimson and Dark Redemption under our wings. Our public products are being bought by the masses and our secret military weapons, genetic experimentation, and viral weaponry are providing us with the majority of our funds. All of us together have helped get this organization out there. So we should all trust each other.”

            “Actually, we all know each other’s background info except for Thantos and Vincent.” Zepher spoke and flinched when Toshiya cast a dark glare.

            “No, she’s right.” Snyder added. Then he turned to Vincent and Thantos. “Thantos is the leader of the Dark Redemption but none of his members talk about anything concerning their job. So relying too much on either of you is still a difficult thing to do.” Thantos scoffed.

            “Why would I betray this company at the risk of my own?”

            “This kind of talk is preposterous.” Vincent added.

            “Vincent is right.” Toshiya said raising her voice above everyone. “This arguing is dim-witted. We are supposed to be acting on a higher level then humans, right? Then why are we arguing over something as bad as accusations that have no reason to have been started.” Everyone quieted and Toshiya let a breath. “We have one mission that is at top priority and that is to take down E.D.G.E. and every other rival company one at a time until we become dominant.”

            “You want us to become a leading corporation despite our own name?” Zepher chimed in once again. “F.E.A.R.�"Fear. What kind of name�"”

            “It stands for Ferocious Eradication Assault Recon.” Kaoru cut in. “It is practically the exact same anti-terrorist respond unit but on a more intense scale. We deal with many different situations ranging from terrorist to biohazard related incidents. Okay, I think the meeting has gone farther than originally intended. I say we can all be dismissed.”

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