Blood Gem

Blood Gem

A Chapter by VincentRayne

After a tough trial Sarah makes it to her destination.


Sarah was back to Mathew’s hanger early the next morning. She banged on his door.

“Hello? Are you there?” After a couple of more knocks Mathew answered the door.

“You’re just in time. Come in. I’ve got something to show you.” Mathew led Sarah in and showed her an object covered in a big white sheet. He uncovered the large sheet revealing a brand new plane. Sarah gasped in awe.

“You actually made one! So does that mean you’re taking us up there?” Mathew couldn’t help a smile play across his face.

“Yep. I thought about how you said you were on a mission and you reminded me I’m one as well. To find that castle. I’ll be ready to fly in ten minutes. I just need to pull this beauty out of the hanger and onto the runway.” Mathew opened the garage door and tied a rope around the front wheel. He pulled and the plane slowly inched its way out of the hanger. Sarah dropped her bags and grabbed a hold of the rope. It took five minutes of hard pulling to get the plane onto the runway. The plane wasn’t big but it was heavy.

“Oh, my.” Sarah said with her hands on her knees, out of breath. “Why is it so heavy?”

“That’s because of the material it’s made of.” Mathew was catching his breath as well. “It’s to prevent those hailstones from penetrating the structure. Don’t worry thought. It will still fly so lets rev ‘er up.” Mathew took off the rope from the plane and spun the propeller with a grunt. The engine came to life. Sarah rushed to get her things and rushed back closing the garage door. By the time she climbed into the back seat Mathew was already in the front. “Here we go! Hold on!” He had to yell in order to be heard above the plane’s loud engine. The pane slowly accelerated but then quickly picked up speed. Soon they were in the air ascending. After almost an hour of flying over the sea the sky suddenly darkened.

“See that mass of dark clouds?” Mathew pointed out to Sarah.

“Where did they come from? I was bright a few seconds ago.”

“Beats me but I bet the castle is in there somewhere. Natural clouds just don’t appear out of nowhere like that.” Mathew headed straight into the storm. Rain instantly started to fall heavily and fierce winds picked up, swaying the plane. Sarah let out a whimper when she realized that she couldn’t fly and it was a long way down if the plane was suddenly torn apart. Her fears only grew when hailstones soon started to fall. Sarah tried shielding herself when her eye caught a glimpse of something in the clouds.

“Mathew, look!” Sarah practically yelled to be heard above the thunderous sound of the hailstones hitting the plane.

Through an opening in the clouds there was a massive and long animal flying through the clouds and it was heading in the same direction as Sarah and Mathew. Just as quickly as it appeared the creature vanished. In the short amount of time it took to see the animal come and go the hailstones grew to the size of baseballs. The sight made Sarah forget about the skyward threat and a hailstone struck her in the head. Sarah’s vision instantly blurred and she put a hand to where she was hit. When she pulled her hand away she saw blood. The next moment she blacked out.


When Sarah awoke she was laying down in a bed with a woman sitting next to her. Sarah’s vision was still blurred but she thought she saw miniature wings where the woman’s were supposed to be. Sarah then fell unconscious again.

Sarah came to again to someone pressing their hand against her forehead. Her vision had bettered and she didn’t see that the woman really did have small wings for ears.

“Ah, you are awake.” The woman had a kind and gentle voice as well as snow white hair. When Sarah looked into her eyes it seemed as if she were looking a clear blue sky on a beautiful day. “I’m glad. That was quite a hit you took. It is partially our fault. We didn’t count on the hail actually hitting someone directly. You are unique.” The woman pressed a hand to Sarah’s head again. “The wound on your head has healed at an incredibly fast pace and there is no scar that I can see.” The lady looked at Sarah thoughtfully. “You’re not human are you? But then again your neck bracelet shows that you are not. The material that the moon jewel is made of cannot be found here on Earth.” She shrugged. “At least not that I know of. Are you able to walk?” Sarah nodded. “Good. There is someone who wants to see you.”

“What about Mathew?” Sarah asked suddenly remembering what happened before she awoke in the bed.

“He’s still recovering. After all he did get hit by the same hailstones you were hit by but unfortunately humans do not recover as quickly.” An idea hit Sarah and she stood up�"the sudden action making her feel dizzy.

“Do you know anything about something named Twilight?” The lady eased Sarah back on the bed and look at Sarah suspiciously.

“Come with me.” Sarah was led by the woman to a large dining hall and saw two other women were already seated. One was a young girl with white hair and blood red eyes with her slightly curled at the ends except for the bangs she had in front of her ears. They were curled down about an inch past her jaw. The other woman had a sense of elegance about her just like the girl that took care of Sarah. This woman’s hair was a shiny brown color. Her bangs were braided and had decorations on the ends of them. The woman herself was decorated with different types of jewelry but most of them were small.

“It’s nice to see that you’re alive and well.” The elegant woman said after Sarah was seated.

Ni roy ichi!” The younger girl said.

“She says that she is happy.” The other woman that escorted Sarah sat down next to the other two women.

“Let me introduce ourselves seeing that you went through a lot of trouble to get here it is the least I can do.” She pointed to her self. “I’m Tila, this is Sierra, and the other albino is Twilight.” She said pointing to the others. Sarah’s heart skipped a beat. “I was shocked when I saw that you two were headed over here despite the weather. 

“I was told to come here in search of someone.” Sarah said and couldn’t help her starring at the girl, Twilight.

“By whom?” Tila asked noticing Sarah’s gaze staying on the girl.

“A prophet told me to come here.”

“What are you in search of?” Sierra asked and Sarah’s eyes shifted to her. Twilight stood from her chair.

“Sa I en qua di quia.” Twilight pulled of a necklace with a blood red gem while Tila and Sierra looked at her in surprise.

“Sh�"she says that you are in search of that gem.” A sudden thought occurred to Sarah.

“Why is it that Twilight can seem to understand me but she won’t speak to me directly?”

“It is because she can’t. Her tongue cannot form the words right. She is taking lessons.”

“And the gem is made out of something from a different planet as well, like mine? Is she from a different world? And how did she know what I would be searching for?”

“Son he a sem co tis vo pono.” Twilight walked over to where Sarah was sitting and handed her the gem.

“She had a dream that this was going to happen.” Sierra translated and Twilight looked at Sarah with a serious look.

“You ‘ave jorney to go on.” Twilight said in a heavy accented voice but managed a beautiful smile that seemed to excuse the fact that she can’t speak any language but her own well.

“Wait,” Sarah said so suddenly it made Twilight jump. “What happened to Mathew?”

“You’re talking about your friend I presume?” Tila answered. “Don’t worry about him. He will wake up thinking he just had a dream. Twilight said she would visit him as an errand girl since he was so anxious to meet her and because of his selfless and brave actions.” Tila saw a worried look on Sarah’s face. “He won’t have any memory of flying here nor will he remember meeting you. To him you are a person that he met in a dream.”

“One more thing.” Sarah said thinking back to what she and Mathew say before they blacked out. “Did you see anything right before we were rescued?”

“I didn’t see anything.” Sierra answered.

“Moon Guadian.” Twilight said once again in her thick accented voice.

“That’s not possible. The Moon Guardian on Earth?” Sierra turned to face Sarah. “He must be watching over you. It was a coincidence that we saw your plane when we did. Otherwise you would have crashed into the sea.”

“What’s a Moon Guardian?” Sarah asked. Tila waved her hand.

“You said you are on a mission, right? I know there are a lot of questions on your mind but if you must really know them then we will meet again. Right now you have a more important task at hand if I recall.” She pointed to the necklace Sarah now wore. “That gem should warp you back down below. Just concentrate and you should end up outside the village. Here’s your things.” Twilight grabbed Sarah’s bag from underneath the table and handed it to her.

“Good luck.” Twilight said and then curtsied.

“Thank you.” Sarah said and then she disappeared in a flash of red light. When she was back on the ground she was immediately startled.

“How was it?” Vincent asked.

“Oh! I-ah-what are you doing here?” Sarah seemed to almost be on the verge of hyperventilating.

“Checking up on you. I see you got a necklace. Good. Do you feel anything?” Sarah stood still for a moment and then shook her head. “I see. Now, are you ready for your next destination?” Vincent grabbed Sarah’s hand and they disappeared using the necklace.

© 2010 VincentRayne

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