chapter 5

chapter 5

A Chapter by VincentRayne

“What club are you joining, Elisa?” Akino asked.

“The orchestra. I play cello and my brother the violin.”

“So you two practice together sometimes?”

“They’ve won multiple competitions back in heaven since they were five and six.” Jessica added and Akino noted in her head to try and listen to them sometime. “What about you?”

“Volleyball!” Akino said with a fire in her eye. She played volleyball all through Jr. High and she was good at it. The sport was one of her few passions. “Ambeon?”

“I’ve heard that there was a tea club that deals with tradition and etiquette.” Jessica snickered.

“A boring club for a boring girl.”

“You say something?” Ambeon asked exasperated. Jessica shrugged.

“I’m joining the video club to make movies that will have an impact and a message to the masses. I’m sure old ladies enjoy having tea all alone since it hardly has anything to do with others.”

“I didn’t say I was going to join it!” Ambeon pointed to a sign with “Drama Club” written on it. “I’m joining this one.” Elisa leaned toward Akino.

“You know she pointed towards the first thing she saw right?” Akino nodded with a quick agreement.

“Does she know that she put herself in a club that’s rivals with the one Jessica is in?” Akino asked back.

“I doubt it. I’d say it’s fate.” Elisa stepped between the two girls before their argument got any further.

“Okay, kitty one and kitty two.” They both looked at Elisa.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Jessica asked.

“It means that I’m tired of this cat fight. Ambeon, you go and sign up over there at the drama club. Akino will do her thing and I’ll take Jessica to sign up for the film club. It’s on the way to where my club is.” No one objected and did what Elisa said. When Akino reached the volleyball club, which was in the gym, there were a couple dozen girls already there. The coach was male and seemed to have a kind face. The coach Akino had back in junior high school was strict and had often taken a lot of fun out of playing the sport. The coach looked at his watch and then clapped his hands together several times to get the girls attention. Immediately the girls ceased their talking and turned towards the coach.

“I say that this is probably one of the largest groups I’ve seen. I’m happy to see so many of you but at the same time I’m afraid that I can’t have all of you as well. That means some of you will be cut from the team between now and the next weeks before our first game which is around a month from now. The seniors are the only ones that don’t need to worry about being cut. It’s their last year and they should make the most of it. They will also help be the deciding factor in who will stay and who will go. We won’t worry about practice today, mainly because we don’t have our equipment yet. So you can stay and get acquainted with each other or you can go home for today.” And with that the coach strode off. Akino decided to use this moment to see how each of the others were doing in their clubs.

Ambeon’s was the closest.  Akino peeked around the door and saw Ambeon along with a group of students listening and watching a couple of seniors act out an excerpt from a play or movie. Ambeon seemed completely absorbed into the performance. Akino slipped back out before Ambeon would notice she was there. Next was Jessica’s film club. When Akino looked in to see what was going on she wasn’t surprised to see Jessica at the front delivering a powerful speech about how to capture an incredible moment on camera and make it into what they wanted�"to take control of the situation on camera. Akino was just as awestruck by Jessica’s speech as the film club students were.

After the speech was done by Jessica Akino traveled to Elisa’s class. Before she even reached the doors she could hear something incredible coming from a cello instrument. Akino thought it was a senior student showing the younger students what to look forward to but upon looking inside Akino saw Elisa playing. It was almost a different person than before. Elisa was playing with an intense passion and also with much speed but didn’t sway her precision. After she finished Akino looked around the room to see if her mouth wasn’t the only one agape and to her relief it wasn’t. If the teacher that was obviously in charge of the club looked like she was dumbfounded. There was one person in the crowd that didn’t seem to be as surprised by Elisa’s performance and that was her brother but even he smiled once everyone started applauding.

“Elisa,” The instructor began sounding out of breath. “when I learned you were Nero’s sister I hoped that you possessed similar skill and your performance was remarkable indeed. But what I love most is that your style, atmosphere, and sound are different yet the same.” Elisa by this time had her head down, most likely to hide her blushing face. “Okay, students that’s all the time we have for today. Remember to bring your instruments if you have any next week.” As the students filled out of the classroom the teacher talked with Elisa. Akino stepped in and upon Elisa seeing her the shy girl smiled.

“Elisa, I have never heard such a dark melody before.” Elisa’s smile disappeared and the instructor eyed it immediately. “Please, don’t take it the wrong way. I’ve listen to many, many pieces and you have played something that has not touched my ears before. I would like to center the orchestra’s next piece on you.” Elisa shook her head.

“No, thank you. I don’t think that would be a good idea.” A baffled look came across the instructor’s face.

“Why do you think that?” Elisa put her cello and bow in their case and closed it.

“I play best when I’m alone. I can’t have any restrictions if you expect to hear anything like that. It’s like trying to see a play with the lead actor having a cough. It restricts the actor and thus restricts the audience from seeing a play put on its best.”

“So you’re saying you are better than everyone else?”

“No. I’m saying that there are requirements to my particular playing style. You said it yourself that this was the first time you’ve heard it. So you possibly couldn’t understand how I feel�"”

“Elisa!” Nero called out and Akino realized that tears were streaming down Elisa’s face. She must have noticed the same thing because there was a look of surprise on her face when she wiped them from her eyes. She then turned and stormed out the classroom, taking Akino’s hand as she walked past her, and pulled the girl until they were well away from the class.

“Elisa, what happened?” Akino asked as Elisa dried the rest of her tears.

“I don’t know�"I just snapped. I wasn’t in control of any of the words coming out of my mouth. I never snap at anyone. Especially, people I only just meet. I feel so bad.”

“I’m sure that Nero will explain that to the instructor and you can apologize next time you see her.” Elisa nodded her head.

“Can you come and stay the night at our home?”


“You’re the first friend I’ve had since being here and I would love to introduce you to my parents. Nero even agrees.”

“So your brother is okay with me?” Elisa nodded a smile on her face once again.

“Ambeon is coming too.”

“And Jessica?”

“Nero hasn’t warmed up to her yet and I don’t think she’s used to being under people’s rules.”

“Why is it that Nero seems to make a lot of decisions?” Elisa shrugged.

“It’s just I wouldn’t want you at my house with him there glaring a hole through your back. I’m only looking out for what’s best.”

“Well, I should be able to make it. I’ll have to ask my mother.” Elisa held out a piece of paper to Akino just as Nero came out of the classroom giving Elisa a thumbs up letting her know he explained the situation to the teacher.

“This is my number. Just call me when you find out and I’ll see when we pick you up.” Elisa went off with Nero and Akino made her way back to where the film club was. To Akino’s surprise Jessica and Ambeon were there waiting.

“Were you two waiting on me?” Akino asked when she approached the two.

“Ambeon said she saw you walk towards our classes and she guessed you were checking in on each of us. So we decided to wait until you came back from that direction.”

“Thank you. So how was each of your clubs?”

“Well, I was already praised by my fellow students on the first day. It’s a wonder that this club didn’t perish without me until now.”

“Anyhow,” Ambeon started and Jessica glared at her. “me and my peers were able to see a great improve play put on by several of the senior students. It was done very well.”

“I’m glad you two had a good time.” Akino said.

“Akino.” Akino turned to Jessica and could see the serious expression on her face. “May I talk with you alone? You’ll meet with Ambeon tonight so it’s okay?” Jessica turned to Ambeon who was shocked at the sudden politeness.

“Y-yes, it’s okay.” Jessica took Ambeon to the roof of the school at a brisk pace. When they reach the top they could see the whole view of the city and the artificial sun was starting to set casting an orange carpet over the city.

“Jessica, are you okay.” Jessica tried to smile but it didn’t last. She walked to the edge of the roof and put a hand on the chain link fence that outlined the top.

“I originally came here as a scout from the higher ups at Heaven to see what was going on here. What the people were like and if they deserved to continue living here. Fortunately, for my dad he could make me stir up trouble to make sure to give the most negative report on Japan and have it immediately revoked from the people here. Upon arriving I had all intention on fulfilling what Daddy wanted. After all, he promised me that he would hand it over to me if I did it. Ambeon learned that I was being sent down and decided to come down as well to warn and, knowing her, improve this community. This makes my job a lot harder and Dad ordered me to either force her back or get rid of her. That’s why I attacked her. If I could knock her out and send her back then that would make things easier for me again.” Jessica chuckled. “Who would’ve guessed that the Rayne family was down here? The second I saw them I knew that they were on the same side as Ambeon and I gave up but then I saw you. You were with Ambeon and that must have meant that you were either a friend or acquaintance.”

“And that’s when you followed me home.” Jessica nodded.

“I was planning on taking you to threaten Ambeon home but as you saw I’m not good at being the bad guy. I’ve been meaning to apologize for threatening your mother. It was a bluff. And even then you didn’t look at me with hatred like I thought you would.” Jessica turned towards Akino and smiled the same smile that Ambeon showed�"a true smile from the heart. “I came down here to observe the inhabitants of Japan and report their behavior to my authorities. I’m now glad to announce that you have all passed. I wish I could stay but I have to go back.”

“When is that?”

“Tonight.” They both looked towards the artificial sky that was now filing with stars.

“Will you be able to come back?” Jessica shrugged.

“I may like it here but that’s not my decision but even if I wasn’t I would be glad that I have friends and memories that I can cherish. To be honest I had fun.” Jessica let out a breath. “I’ll give a good report about the surface while you have a good time at Elisa’s. With my report I don’t know what might happen on Heaven and they might have to be called back for one reason or another. You never know.” 

“I’ll still accompany you home at least.” Jessica stood shocked.

“You would escort me home�"or at least to the elevator port? I guess I would enjoy the company.” The walk to the Elevator port wasn’t too long. There several of these ports all across Japan and then there was a colossal main silo in the center of Japan.

“What is this?” Jessica asked as they came to a stop in front of the elevator port. The base of the port was destroyed. “Someone has destroyed the elevator!”

© 2011 VincentRayne

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