chapter 9

chapter 9

A Chapter by VincentRayne

Akino could hear gunshots and wondered why no one was coming. It was then that she realized that the whole neighborhood was eerily quiet. Despite it being late spring there wasn’t a single sound to be heard. The lights were off in every house making seem like they were vacant. An approaching sound made Akino jump. It was getting dark and made it harder to see down the street. She could hear multiple footsteps approaching and Akino turned to run again. Upon turning she ran into someone and fell. It was Jyou standing over Akino now.

            “That’s enough running.” Jyou’s arm was bandaged using her school uniform’s sleeve.

“Why are you doing this?” Akino asked, the desperation and fear clear in her tone.

“There is a reason why you are allies with the others.”

“Allies, they’re my friends!”

“It makes no difference.” Nao stepped up behind Akino. “You are something important to them. They will come for you and fall into our trap. Believe me this is nothing personal.”

“It is for me.”  A voice seemed to echo through the air and in the next instant Nao was tripped. Yukino appeared next to Akino in a flash of blue light. Akino was going to quickly ask how it happened but Jyou pulling out a handgun quickly kept her mouth closed. Yukino held out a hand and stopped the bullet Jyou fired. In the next instant Yukino thrust her palm and Jyou and an invisible force hit her, sending the girl fly back several feet. As Nao raised himself to his feet and saw Yukino approach him. He attempted to swing at her but Yukino blocked it and placed her hand on his chest. Nao heard as much as felt the pressure in the air around him suddenly change. A piercing light seemed to shoot from her hand and go straight through Nao followed by a sound resembling a sonic boom. He dropped to the ground with his eyes rolled back. Yukino turned towards Akino and smiled weakly. “Are you okay?” Akino was stunned into silence. The only reply she could make was a small nod. Yukino then fell to her knees and Akino rushed to her side.

“What’s wrong?”

“Abilities weren’t supposed to be used down here. The dome acts as a limiter but don’t worry. I’ll be fine after a little rest.”

“It’s weird. This entire place seems like it’s deserted.” Akino said as she helped Yukino back to her feet.

“That’s because we’re in an altered reality. These people used a power to seal off this area. Luckily, I happen to be in the area. Anyone without an ability would not have been locked in here.” There was silence for a while.

“So what does that mean about me?” Yukino smile at Akino.

“You’re special just like me.” Yukino’s smiled faded. “Weird, the seal should break without the caster being conscious.” They looked at both of their attackers and neither of them was moving.

“There was a third one. She must still be with Elisa and Nero.” Yukino stood on her own.

“Then we should hurry.”


Elisa panted in a ragged breath that was only caused by extreme pain. She fired at Miko trying to stop her from shooting but it was too late. The shot at least through off Miko’s aim. Nero helped Elisa up and she winced in pain.

“You alright?” Nero asked.

“Yes, the bullet only grazed me but the impact must have cracked a rib. I’ll be fine but I can’t say the same for Miko.” The girl had been shot in the chest and by the way she was coughing up blood the bullet punctured her lung.

“She won’t be bothering anyone anymore. When she dies the seal keeping us isolated from reality will break. Although, I will say it’s hard to believe she’s capable of doing that by herself.” Nero turned to walk but noticed Elisa wasn’t following. “Anything wrong. We have to get to Akino or did you forget?”

“I just can’t leave her here to die.”

“And why not? Did you quickly forget that she tried to kill us?”

“She had different reason to than the others.”

“And that makes it better?” Yukino and Akino ran up to Nero and Elisa, out of breath. Akino quickly took in everything.

“Are you all right?” Akino asked and neither one of the siblings answered.

“Ambeon, can you heal Miko?” Elisa asked and Nero’s face turned from shock to anger.

“Fine, do what you what you want. But if she stabs us in the back know that it is from your foolish actions.” Nero turned and began to walk away. Ambeon made to follow after but was grabbed by Elisa.

“Ambeon, real quick, please.” Yukino looked at Miko for a little while and then finally kneeled down beside her.

“Miko, if I heal you your life will be owed to Elisa. Can I trust that you won’t betray her or anyone she cares about?” Miko could only handle a weak nod and then she faded out of consciousness.

© 2011 VincentRayne

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