chapter 12

chapter 12

A Chapter by VincentRayne

Jessica walked at a brisk pace to Elisa and Nero’s home. It was dark out and She didn’t feel comfortable walking alone. It was deathly quiet in the neighborhood she lived in. Jessica was beginning to lose her composure when a dog walked in front of her. She jumped but instantly felt relieved. Jessica was about to kneel down to pet it when she say it’s eyes flicker red. She hesitated thinking and hoping the light from the nearby lamp were playing tricks on her. When she looked at the dog again she instantly took a step back. The animal was barring its teeth in a nasty sneer. And with one distorted loud bark Jessica turned and ran. Another dog, resembling the first, jumped from around a corner blocking her path.

“Don’t worry,” Jessica looked up and saw a man standing on the street light. “they won’t bite…unless you make a wrong move.” The man leapt from the pole and landed next to the first animal. “If you do that then you can kiss one of your limbs goodbye.” The dog let out another hideous bark.

“What do you want? Did Father send you?” Z chuckled.

“I don’t think that matters. But what does matter is that you’re coming with me one way or the other.” Z walked up to Jessica and grabbed her wrist.

“Don’t touch me!” Jessica quickly yanked her hand away and threw a solid punch on Z’s chest. The force sent him flying a good several yards. To Jessica’s surprise the dogs didn’t move an inch and Z quickly got to his feet.

“It seems you have a lot of spark in you. It seems like I will have to change that.” Z glanced at the hounds and they quickly darted towards Jessica and a surprising speed. She barely managed to dodge the first but the second had a clear shot at her. To the canine’s surprised Jessica ducked underneath it’s lunge attack and her fist came up and landed a solid blow on the dog’s chest. It hit the ground with a gargled yelp and give one quick spasm before lying still.

Seeing its companion downed the first hound didn’t approach again. Z started clapping. “I’m glad to see this amuses you.” Jessica said.

“Can you blame me? Daddy’s little girl are always thought to be the weakest but I can clearly see you’ve done your part to remain separate from the cliché. But I know that you can’t keep this up on the Surface for long. There is something down here that is keeping you from using your power without getting extremely exhausted and a rapid pace. If not for this field we are in now access to special abilities would prove near impossible. I don’t know what happened here eighteen years ago but it must have been pretty big if people had to shift this whole entire continent�"at least on the surface. I bet you feel exhausted already don’t you?” Now that Z mentioned it Jessica noticed that she was a little short of breath.

But I hardly used any of my power at all.

“Order. That is what this is called right?” Z asked. “To be in control.” Z chuckled. “It seems to be working.” Jessica stretched her hand towards Z but before she could do anything he had somehow gotten right in front of her.

“How�"” She suddenly felt a shattering pain in her stomach. A moment later Jessica could feel a rush and energy leave her body through the punch she had just received. Jessica crumbled to the ground. Z began to pick her when he heard a gunshot go off. He jumped back avoiding the bullet and Nero suddenly appeared next to Jessica’s unconscious body.

“And here I was so close to having this go through so smoothly. You must be Nero Rayne.” Nero didn’t answer. “And this femine fatale must be Elisa Rayne. Good. You have saved me the trouble of looking for you. You two can die together right here and now.” The first hound seemed to transform and mutate. It’s bending and cracking bones clearly heard as it formed itself into something resembling an eight foot tall werewolf. It swung a giant hand at  Nero. His attempt to block the attack failed as the force sent him through a nearby wall.

Elisa shot at Z and he just simply side stepped. “Your bullets may be fast but I’m faster.” Elisa could practically hear his smirk behind the helmet Z wore. Elisa then swung the gun and fired again. Z attempted to sidestep again but the bullet suddenly curved and hit him in the arm. The impact from the bullet resembled a very high powered rifle and blew his entire arm off. “How unexpected. I didn’t expect a solid hit on me from anyone tonight. But I am prepared.” Elisa stared in disbelief as Z’s arm seemed to reassemble itself.

Nero kicked the beast at Z. The man saw it coming and dodged out of the way. “Strong but stupid. Now, it’s your turn.” Elisa shot at Z again to her surprise he pulled out his own gun and deflected the bullet with the side of it before firing. Elisa twirled to the side avoiding the bullet and Nero came in with a round house kick aimed at Z’s head. Z ducked under the attack and swept Nero’s other leg from under him making him trip. Before he realized Elisa was on him. She landed a solid knee against his stomach making him bend over. Nero quickly recovered and kicked the back of Z’s leg making him drop to his knee. Elisa then kicked him in the back of the head making Z do and quick front flip. The second he hit the ground Elisa was on top of him with the muzzle of her handgun against his chin.

“Yes, there definitely is a flare about you Elisa. There is a violent air about you that threatens to come forth. I can see it in your eyes.” Elisa’s eye twitches. “This isn’t the end but rather the beginning for all four of us.”

“What four?” Elisa asked. Z chuckles again.

“You, Nero, yourself, and you.”

“You mention me three times.”

“I know. You are your mother’s daughter but much more…complicated. You must already know or at least have a hint that it’s there.” Z suddenly starts laughing  and the edge in it sends shivers down Elisa’s spine. “I can’t wait to see the look on your face as you helplessly murder your own friends.” Z continues laughing.

“I’m sorry you won’t get the satisfaction.” Elisa fires an energy shot the takes Z’s whole head. Elisa tries to stand but her legs give out and Nero catches her. “Let’s get out of here.

“I don’t think I can carry you both.” Elisa stands on her own.

“I can walk.” Nero takes Jessica in his arms and they all depart from the field.


When dawn comes Z sits up. His new head fully regenerated. He tries to stand and finds himself very dizzy.

They were right about special abilities taking it out of you on the surface. Z smiles. It wasn’t his original intention but he found keeping Elisa under surveillance much more entertaining than trying to kill her. Now he knew why Solita wanted Elisa provoked. It’s obviously a great tactic but the fight was very unexpected. He didn’t intend to have himself removed from the main picture until much later. Maybe he could still get some done on the sidelines just the same. He would have to see.

© 2011 VincentRayne

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