chapter 14

chapter 14

A Chapter by VincentRayne

Elisa sat in her seat during class staring at nothing in particular. Her mind was wrestling with itself over what Z had said.

            “Elisa!” The girl jumped at the sound of Ms. Arai’s raised voice. “I’ve called your name at least five times Elisa. Is there something wrong?” Elisa merely shook her head. The answer obviously didn’t satisfy Ms. Arai but she reluctantly turned and continued with her lesson. It wasn’t long until the bell rang for school to end that day. Ambeon, Akino, and Jessica were instantly at Elisa’s desk.

            “Elisa, are you okay? You look really out of it today.” Akino asked.

            “I’m fine. I just had a lot on my mind.”

“Does it have to do with that attack yesterday?” Jessica asked. Nero and Elisa had already informed the other girls about the previous night except Z’s final words. Elisa never thought about it but she knew what the female Raynes went through but what Z said was different. It didn’t match up with what the others went through. If what Z said was even remotely right then Elisa had three entities inside her and she didn’t like that.

“Elisa!” Elisa jolted from her thoughts to see Jessica right in her face. Jessica then turned to the others. “You see. I got that close and she didn’t even so much as blink until I called out her name. There is definitely something wrong with you today.”

“I’m sorry. My mind is out of it today. I just need to hurry and get home.”

“You’re not going to orchestra practice?” Ambeon asked and Elisa shook her head. “Then we could wait for your brother then.”

“No, I don’t want to drag him away from practice.” A concerned look came over Akino’s face.

“Maybe we could walk�"”

“No!” Elisa’s sudden and quick outburst stunned everyone into silence. “I-I just need time to myself.” Elisa quickly walked out of the classroom before anyone could say otherwise. She decided to take a longer way home to have extra time to clear her head. Soon it was dark out and Elisa felt the sudden urge to get home quickly. The street to her home was empty except for one other lady. She looked familiar but Elisa wasn’t too concerned with who the girl was. As Elisa walked she felt her cellphone vibrate in her skirt pocket. When she pulled it out the cellphone slipped from her hand. As Elisa bent down to pick it up she realized the other girl dropped hers as well. After Elisa gathered her phone she continued walking and once again curiosity overcame her as to whom the other girl was and as the two came closer Elisa felt her heart lodge in her throat.

The girl’s face resembled Elisa’s own exactly. The girl smiled as she walked past Elisa. Elisa walked at a brisk pace to put distance between her and the eerie lookalike. She then felt her cellphone vibrate again and realized that she hadn’t even put the battery back in that had dropped out earlier from the drop. Scared, Elisa, saw that the person that texted had the same phone number. Hello. I’m glad I finally got to meet me, Elisa.

Elisa threw her phone against the ground and ran home.


When Elisa ran inside her home and slammed the front door shut behind her she realized that she was alone. Nero had practice and had also mentioned that he would be out late tonight to check out the totaled elevator. Then Elisa remembered Miko.

“Miko!” Elisa was calling out even as she ran up the stairs and to Miko’s room. To her relief Miko opened the door and stepped out.

“Elisa, your back already?”

“Yeah.” Miko looked at Elisa curiously.

“Why are you back in your uniform?”

“What do you mean?”

“You were here about ten minutes ago saying that you were going out somewhere but you were dressed differently. I was surprised. You were showing off more skin than you usually do so I just thought you were going to a party.” Elisa felt her body go cold.

“M-Miko, I just got here from school. I haven’t been here since I left for school earlier this morning.” Miko remained silent then she smiled suddenly.

“You almost had me there. I really thought I possibly talked to a ghost of you or something like that.”

“I’m not joking, Miko.” Miko’s smile disappeared.

“Elisa, can I sleep in your room? I’m scared now.” Elisa was just about to ask Miko the same question.


It took some time for the girls to finally fall asleep after being unsettled but at last rest finally descended upon them. Late in the night Elisa was stirred by the sound of footsteps outside her door. Her drowsiness at first allowed her to dismiss them but then her brain finally turned on and her senses went on immediate alert.

The footsteps stopped outside her door and the knob turned. Elisa was frozen in place as a girl stepped into the room and walked straight towards the bed. The girl had snow white hair and blood red eyes but held a kind face that resembled the peaceful air of an angel’s.

“Twilight,” Elisa sighed in relief. “you should let me know when you are going to come here. You already had a close call with Akino that other night.”

“I am sorry.” Twilight apologized but there was seriousness in her eyes that Elisa hadn’t seen before. “Come with me downstairs. There is something we must discuss.” Elisa and Twilight silently crept out of the room making sure not to stir Miko. Once down stairs the two girls sat in the large living room.

“What do you need to see me about?” Elisa asked.

“It is about what is going on inside of you. There have been reports of fluctuations in the energy field and you are the cause. At this rate the barrier that cancels out people from using abilities will no longer be effective. The source of this is pinpointed wherever you are located so it has been decided that you are the cause.” Twilight gave a weak smile. “At least that’s what the genius Jupiter Queen says.”

“Venia?” Twilight nods her head. “Well, Venia hasn’t been caught making wrong calculations yet.”

“She says it’s from the souls within you. They are doing something unnatural. Is this true?” Elisa reflected on the two events that happened.

“I saw myself today and Miko saw another me as well.” Twilight’s face turned grim.

“Then this is worse than Sarah Rayne’s incident with her power getting out of control. Yours seem to be manifesting itself outside of your body. That means we are dealing with a doppelganger if it resembles you and they are much trouble. I must tell the others then and get help.”

“How soon can you be back?”

“I should be back with reinforcements by dusk this coming day. Stay here until then. Don’t leave under any circumstances and don’t let it look like you are here either. You must tell Nero and the others about this too. The doppelganger can be very clever at acting like who they resemble to an extent but remember that they are, in most cases, opposites as well.” As Twilight exited the house from the side door she turned back to Elisa. “Remember, Elisa. Be careful.” Elisa gave a single nod and closed the door.

Twilight pulled out a phone and was dialing a number when a hand snatched it from her. She quickly spun around and saw herself facing Z.

“I can’t have you interfering.” Z looked Twilight over. “I guess they were right. Your kind really does look perfect�"like angels.”

“If you kill me then you are marked with death yourself.”

“I see that you angels aren’t pushovers either. Don’t worry. I don’t plan on killing you.”

“Then what did you mean I can’t interfere. With what?”

                “That little tidbit was already more than enough for you to hear.” Z swiped his hand quickly and landed a solid blow on Twilight’s neck before she could react. Z caught her before she fell to the ground. “Strange how Ms. Solita knew you were coming. I should give that woman more credit.” Z seemed to disappear into the shadows with Twilight in his arms.

© 2011 VincentRayne

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