chapter 15

chapter 15

A Chapter by VincentRayne

Solita’s father, Simon, was sitting on his throne speaking with the failed mercenaries. He didn’t try to contain the disappointment that he felt when he heard of their failure.

“We did not expect Ambeon to be as powerful as she was.” Nao explained. “Even with the barriers Heaven put up around the Surface she was still able to use her abilities.”

“That is only but a taste of her true potential. She may have been able to use her abilities but the barrier still hinders them and she can still exhaust herself.” Simon put his hand to his head. “And my beautiful daughter, Jessica, is still down there forced to be in that inferior land and my other daughter, Solita, is suffering from that rare sickness. On top of that she’s constantly keeping herself away from me. I feel like my fathering is not in its prime during these times.” Simon stood from his chair and walked past Nao and Jyou and stood in front of a window that made up the wall. “You may leave.” Nao and Jyou exited the room. Simon looked out over Heaven. The weather was cooling due to the coming winter months. The darkened clouds that loomed above threatened snow. Rain was a rare sight due to Heaven being in the sky. The weather was normally always cold. People didn’t see much weather that didn’t go above eighty degrees. A knock on the door disrupted Simon’s thoughts. “Who is there?”

“It is your eldest daughter.” A voice from behind the door called back. 

“You may enter.” Solita walked in. “Solita, whenever I look out this window I’m reminded of the beauty we have but that the Surface doesn’t. The lower area does not have the privilege of looking up into the sky and seeing real stars of even clouds. We have shut that out from them. What makes this unjust is the fact that these people had nothing to do with the incident that happened those years ago that brought on their judgment.”

“What are you saying Father?” Simon looked at Solita with a saddened face that she hadn’t seen since her mother passed away.

“I am saying that this is wrong. My actions are not right. They will not help everyone in the long run. It is all just personal gain for me. I offered to the people of Heaven more land and room to grow but would anyone be willing to live down there over here? I just wanted to dominate a continent. The Rayne family’s youngest siblings are even involved and it’s only a matter of time until Sarah and Vincent join them and that will only lead to disaster for me and whoever is participating.”

“So are you giving up?” Solita asked not sure whether to feel angry or relieved but she shook her head. Her father was supposed to be the one to lead a rebelling army against the people in charge here and then invade the Surface. Solita had already gathered up the rebels and made sure all preparations were ready. Simon would not be the one to ruin her plans.

“Is everything all right, Solita?” Solita shook her head once again.

“Henrietta!” The doors leading into the room opened and Henrietta stepped in with Nao and Jyou following behind. Before the doors closed Simon saw that his guards were on the ground.

“What is the meaning of this?”

“If you are unfit to continue then I will take your place. This is a very important step, Father. This is a revolution! You started it and you think you can just walk away?”

“My lady, we must hurry. There are other matters to be taken care of.” Henrietta said.

“The fact that you are my father spares you immediate death but you stupidity will grant you the right to be made an example of.” Solita turned to walk away. “Henrietta, take him to the dungeons.” There was a sound of a sword being drawn and Solita turned around. Simon was standing with his broadsword held in a striking position.

“Solita! Do you think that I will simply stand by and watch as you turn against your very family?”

“Family? The only family left alive is you and Jessica!” Simon faltered.

“What do you mean? You are still of flesh and blood and you stand before me. You are also part of this family.” Solita turned to her maid and was handed a sheath. She pulled her sword from its sheathe and turned back to her father. 

“You were so busy with your politics you never took the time to even visit your own sickly daughter. Sure Jessica was by your side but if I lacked the strength to move on my own then I’m already as good as dead.” Solita glared at Simon. “I believe that those were your words. I died that very night. You see I was fortunate to have a servant that cared enough for me to make me better. He made me a vampire and in return I kept him by my side. Oh, and how I know you loath vampires so.”

“If this is true then you are not my daughter.” Solita smiled.

“That’s correct. Your daughter died that very night.” Solita threw her sword at her father and he easily dodged it. When he recovered Solita was gone. Simon suddenly felt a sharp pain in his right shoulder. “Father, you are powerless.” Solita softly said from behind Simon. She pulled her sword from his shoulder and he dropped to his knees, Simon’s sword clanging against the marble floor. “You should be happy and proud to know that a worthy successor will finish what you started. I will start a war to claim the Surface as my own. Whoever stands in my way will either die or be made an example of. Starting with you and everyone else in Heaven’s council.” Solita looked at Nao and Jyou. “Take him underground. He will be dealt with soon enough.” 

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