A Poem by Vin



She sighs as her tears leap over the edge,

because nothing ever goes right in her life.

She leans carelessly across the sharp ledge,

because there's too much stress and strife.

She feels the wicked wind pulling her hair,

because the gravity is protesting her fall.

She knows that no one in the world will care,

because she was barely even there at all.

She hits the flat, freezing stone ground,

because the strong air finally let her go.

She takes a confused, bruised look around,

because there's no angel or white glow.

She runs a hand along her mangled arms,

because she feels the aching, bloody mess.

She hears the shrieking ambulance alarms,

because someone saw her try to be less.

She puts her pale face in her crimson hands,

because she just wanted it all to end.

She looks away as the van's door slams,

because she realises that they mean to mend.

She wishes they would let her lay,

because that's all the wants for now.

She doesn't tune out all they say,

 because she doesn't care anyhow.

She hears "It's a miracle!" from everyone,

because they believe in all those lies.

She wants them all to be gone,

because it's miracles she does despise.

She sighs as her tears leap over the edge,

because nothing goes right in her life,

But she doesn't know that there is someone who to her they pledge,

because to them, she is oh-so-rare, nothing at all rife.

If only she knew what they could see,

if only she knew what she could be.

© 2010 Vin

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Wow... I really like this one. I definitely know the feeling. I like the fact that she survived the fall and is wondering why theyre trying to save her. What is it they see thats worth saving? She still feels so worthless. Very good. One of my faves.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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