My Broken Heart

My Broken Heart

A Poem by Vin



Take a look around,

and see the red on the ground.

See that big lump of mess?

I ripped that thing right out of my chest.

I dug my fingers in so deep,

and then I started to cry and started to weep.

I felt the blood run over my hand,

but still I dug to meet my demand.

My fingers clasped around something very cold,

then I tightened up and grabbed a hold.

I squeezed my eyes shut and then my fist,

no need to be afraid, I didn't resist.

With no hesitation and with no doubt,

I yanked on it and pulled it out.

I opened my fist and then my eyes,

and looked down at this surprise.

This awful mess was my heart?

It looked so shriveled and torn apart.

The colour was not red, but black,

and I knew that I could never take it back.

I threw it away from me as hard as I could,

then let out a sigh as I hopelessly stood.

I went to turn and walk away,

but something told me to stop and stay.

I saw a movement in the shadows, what could it be?

But then you entered the light and walked towards me.

You walked up to that flesh that was torn apart,

then you slowly started to rebuild my heart.

You caressed it , loved it, and it made me sick,

to think that maybe this was all a trick.

But no, you stayed, and put it back together,

then you hugged me tight and said, "All better."

Then gently you lay it back in its rightful place,

any marks or cuts? None. Not a trace.

Slowly you slipped your arm through mine,

and then I knew everything would be fine.

Maybe my heart isn't like it was before,

but at least now it doesn't hurt anymore.


© 2012 Vin

Author's Note

I know this piece sounds kinda romantic, which wasn't the intention haha. I wrote this to a very dear friend of mine, who no matter what, is always there when I need her and never complains about my moans or rants, I'm so lucky to have her and unfortunately this poem doesn't show exactly how much.

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good it

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