Boiler Room Blues [Song]

Boiler Room Blues [Song]

A Poem by Vinterprinsessa

I passed a boiler room, thought "Gee, it'd sure suck to be stuck in one of those when it's active! What would I spend my last moments doing if that was to happen? Prolly make up a silly blues song."


Verse 1:
So now I'm here
In the boiler room
And it's dark with exception of the red-hot tubes
Here in the gloom

Verse 2:
Why am I here
Here in this room
Well I think it's because those b******s locked me in
It'll kill me soon

Yes, it'll kill me soon...

Oh yes I'm doomed...

So here I sit
Singing the Boiler Room Blues
And I can kind of see now why they locked me in
I'd be just as pissed if I was them
But damn, it was fun
I'd do it all again
Except I won't 'cuz I'll be dead

Verse 3:
It's getting so hot now
It's getting hard to breathe
I think the lack of air makes me halluci- Mom, is that you?!
-nate in this scorching heat

Chorus again

Verse 4:
So I'm gonna die here
This blasted boiler room
You b******s [cough] the oxygen [cough] is almost gone
I'm... gonna haunt you... [dies]

© 2010 Vinterprinsessa

Author's Note

I'd very much like to know your impression the main character (the one who sings) makes on you. Do you pity her/him? Or do they seem to deserve it?
Oh, and it's meant to be sung in a musical or something, rather than just as an audio track. The very last line has a different melody... it's hard to explain. It sounds nice and bluesy in my head anyway XD

And most of all - Is it funny in a morbid way?

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Awesome :D
it is funny, in a morbid way :)

Main character is morbid, and I do pity im/er. "awww, you got caught..."

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on July 15, 2010
Last Updated on September 15, 2010
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Göteborg, Sweden

I joined here to get some feedback that doesn't amount to "Dude, that's some weird s**t". So... feel free to comment on said Weird S**t. Otherwise it's just gonna get weirder, and then who knows... more..