The Party

The Party

A Story by Violet Moon

In English we had to write two monologues using two voices. The first would be how a teenager might explain the events of a party to their friends (this version) and the second would be to the cops.


The Party

I gather in front of a large group of my friends.  They shout questions in my direction and eagerly wonder about the party they missed on Friday.

LILY:  Calm down already.  You have to actually give me a chance to talk.

Okay, so Jason and I got there and the music was blaring and everyone was dancing.  Pretty much just having a good time.  So we start to dance and have to like shout over the music just to hear each other.  It was so funny though!  I messed up what he was saying so many times!

Then, Jason went to get us drinks and came back with beer.  He starts drinking his really quickly and him and some other football players started betting over who could drink the most without passing out.  I just drank my one cup with some other girls and it was so funny ‘cause the guys were like spilling it everywhere and got it on their clothes and all over the floor.

Some even passed out!  But the others were drunk and starting joking around.  We all went outside to go swimming and a few girls got thrown into the pool.  Thank gosh it wasn’t’ me though!  I would have killed whoever threw me in!

But anyways, there were rocks in the planter the drunk guys started throwing them at the neighbor’s window.  One actually hit the glass and shattered it!  But nothing happened because the neighbor wasn’t home.  It was really funny to watch!

After that, everyone just kinda went back to dancing until like one in the morning.  Then Jason drove me home.  But that was really scary because he kept freaking me out by swerving and speeding!  But, it was still an amazing night!  You guys so should have come!


© 2010 Violet Moon

Author's Note

Violet Moon
This is just a rough draft that I wrote very quickly. Also, I've never written a monologue before so if you have any suggestions then please let me know! Thanks! :)

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Added on October 4, 2010
Last Updated on October 4, 2010
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Violet Moon
Violet Moon

Okay, so I'm in high school and just started writing about a year ago. I really enjoy writing but don't find much time to write because of my crazy school schedule and extra activities plus normal lif.. more..

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