Trouble in the Hotel

Trouble in the Hotel

A Story by Violet Batt

Violet and David move into Violet hotel. Cristafur drives David insane and draws negative attention to himself. What happens when the hotle manager gets fed up?


Trouble in the Hotel

“Dance party”



Chapter One

I am now 71 years old. David is 73 years old. Lilly is 23, Howard is 101, Fear is 103, our newer friends are about 98, Zeanna is 11, the older children are 41, Randy and Natasha finally had their first child who is 1 year old. Now enough of that, we  just moved into Violet Hotel and our new friends Paul and Chloe made us real vampire capes, red on the inside black on the outside. I really look good in a cape now. It’s very quiet in the hotel at night, but really loud in the morning making it hard to sleep. So, anyway, I wonder where everyone has gone. I hope there not causing problems. I open the door to see what’s going on; a little baby crawls by with purpleish blue hair. Oops that’s one of my grandchildren, his name is Randy Jr. Then a big burst of noise came from down the hall. Oh, no, you’ll never believe who it is, or will you?

Chapter Two

It was David of course! David was singing Christmas songs as loud as he could. Then he saw me and started singing ‘Dance Party’! “What day is it?” I asked him and in reply he pointed out the window to show a dark snowy world. On the first floor of the hotel was a tall pine tree with finely decorated branches and big colorful rectangular presents sat delicately underneath. A fire was blazing in the fire place. The smell of hot chocolate and melting candy canes drifts over, yet everyone else in the hotel is a sleep because its midnight. “I believe its Christmas.” David replied. I found under the tree was a present with my name on it. The present was tall and wide with purple wrapping paper and glistening gold bow. “Should I open it?” I asked David shrugs.

Chapter Three

I rip open the wrapping paper and then Lindsy and Randy popped out and screamed, “Happy New Year!” Then I said, “It’s not even New Years Eve yet.” Then David sang, “Dance party! Dance party! Dance party!” really loudly. Howard flew in and shouted, “Go David!” Then Lilly swooped in and said, “Yah! Yah! Yah!” Zeanna walks in and says, “Let’s swing on the chandelier!” “Yah!  Yah!” Chanted Lilly. I look over at the clock it read 12:03 AM. Then I punched David and said, “David we’re going to be kicked out!” Then the hotel manager shouts, “What’s going on down here?!” We fly up stairs and get in bed. We pretend we always were sleeping, every one of us found a bed. The guy walks in, we look innocent. He growls and walks away.

Chapter four

Then, David gets out and starts partying again. “David!!! Stop, your killing me!” I yelled. He didn’t listen so I wacked him in the stomach. “Owwwwwwwwwwww!” He yelled. I glared at him. Then I said, “You sound more like a wolf then a vampire.” So he punched me in the stomach and I screamed. Then Howard gave us a strange look then laughed. Then Lilly came and said, “Howard!” Then Howard said, “I’ll be back. I just will make some guano to put on the hotel manager’s bed. Then he giggled all the way out the door. Lilly giggled at his comment and then we stayed up the rest of the night.

Chapter 5

The next night…

David’s holding a piece of fried chicken. “Mmm, mmm, mmm!” David says loudly. Then he quickly turns to see if anyone is looking, he turns back to see Cristafur eating his fried chicken out of his hands. I laugh at David and Cristafur’s innocent crumb covered face. Cristafur said, “I don’t know what happened to his fried chicken.” David glared at Cristafur. Cristafur shrugged his shoulders like, I don’t know. David said, “Don’t do that again!” Cristafur started to cry and said, “But I didn’t do it, my mouth did!” Then I laughed more. What a hilarious night it’s going to be.

Chapter six

Now, David has grilled cheese and he’s not going to look away. David carefully feels the warm toasted bread. Then, Cristafur runs over and says, “Hi David, oh wow! Look what Violets doing!” David quickly turns his head to look. While he is facing the other way, Cristafur eats the cheesy goodness. David says, “Hey!” Cristafur, with his cheesy face, looks up and says, “Who ate your sandwich?” David growls. I say, “Are you ever going to learn? I wasn’t even doing anything cool, just cleaning up some…” Howard comes in and finishes my sentence by saying, “Guano!”

“Exactly,” I said. David groans.

Chapter seven

“David, you better not leave those chicken wings there!” I called to David who left a bucket of chicken wings unattended. “I won’t be gone long,” David said and left the room. Cristafur automatically jumps up and eats the chicken wings. “Yum, yum.” Cristafur said. Then David comes back, “Cristafur did you eat my chicken wings?!” David yelled. Cristafur shrugs and says, “I don’t know, Were they the ones sitting on your bed?” The barbq sauce drips down his innocent face. David growls and shows his fangs. Then he says, “If you weren’t all ready dead, I would kill you again!” Cristafur makes a scared, wide eye, wide open mouth face. Then he flies away.

Chapter 8

David goes off to find food that Cristafur wouldn’t take. He found some within reach. “David, wait!” I yelled, but it was too late. David flew and hit the transparent wall separating him and the food. He slipped off the wall and said, “Owwww! My wings hurt!”

“David, are you okay?!” I shouted. Then David replied, “I hurt my wings.” I said, “Don’t worry David, I’ll take care of you.” Then the manager said, “Vampires?! How did you get in here?” I said, “Hi, how do you think we got in?”

“Oh and by the way, did you know there are 38 of us?” David offered. Then the manager looked scared. Angry, sleepy guests come out of the rooms. I froze as a human holding David as a bat.

Chapter 9

The people glared at us. “David, what do we do?” I asked him. “Round up the others, get them out of here. I’ll take care of these guys.” David answered. The people come closer. “But David, you can’t fly and I don’t want to leave you.” I answered. “I’ll be okay Violet, just go!” He answered. “David, they’ll kill you! I don’t want to leave you.” I answered. David launched out of my arms and landed on the ground. Then Zeanna came down the hall way. Then she screamed, “Grandma! What’s grandpa doing on the ground?!” I grab her and David off the floor and run down the hall to our room. I open the door, everyone inside looked at us. “Go!” I shouted while opening the window. All of us flew out but David, I had to hold him.

Chapter 10

We stop at a vet to fix David’s wings. We go inside and I am holding David. David said, “You could have taken me to a hospital instead.”

“Whatever,” I told him. Then I said, “Do you fix bat wings?” The lady looked at David then at us then at me. Then she said, “Are you vampires?”

“Yes, yes we are.” responded David. “Okay,” She said. Then she asked me what happened and I told her the whole story. “Wow,” She responded. Then she said, “So, if there are 38 of you, why are only 37 of you here?”

“Wait, what?” I asked. She pointed out every one of us and she was right, Howard was missing! “Stay in here guys, you can sleep on the ceiling.”The lady offered. Lilly said, “What about Howard though?”

Chapter eleven

We worried about Howard all day long. When we were on the ceiling o one noticed us. They worked on David’s hurt wings throughout the afternoon. By the time it was night again, David had a bat cast on both wings. David said, “I can’t fly or turn into a human with these casts on.”

“Maybe you’ll learn your lesson this time.” I told him. He frowned and glared at me. Still, Howard hasn’t came back and Lilly’s getting worried. “What if they killed him? Asked Lilly. I noticed Randy Jr. hanging off Natasha’s leg. He’s so cute! But of course Zeanna is too. “Wait, can Randy Jr. fly yet?” I asked Natasha, because I had a plan.

Chapter twelve

“Yes Randy Jr. can fly.” Replied Natasha. “Good,” I said. Then I grabbed Randy Jr. and strapped a camera to his head. Then I said, “Randy Jr. listen carefully, I want you to fly back to the hotel with this camera so we can see what the people are doing.” Randy Jr. raised his hand and said, “Howard wouldn’t show up on a camera though, remember, were vampires.”

“Yes but you can see him, if someone is holding him follow the person. Tell Howard not to say anything about you being there, okay?”

“Okay,” Said Randy Jr. and he was off.

Chapter thirteen

Me and everyone else went to a TV, turned it on and programmed it to display what was being recorded with the camera on Randy Jr. head. We see Randy Jr. just arrived back at the hotel. He is searching down the long empty hallways. He turns into a door way to reveal Howard being held down to desk by some ropes. (At least that’s what he told us.) “Help!” Yelled Howard. The manager is sitting at another desk talking on a phone. Randy Jr. sneaks up to Howard. Howard is shocked to see such a little guy came to save him. Randy Jr. unstraps Howard and they rush to the door. The manager hangs up the phone. Randy Jr. has been spotted. The manager screams and lunges at Randy Jr. and Howard. Oh, no! I thought.

Chapter fourteen

Howard poops on the managers head. The manager screams and tries to step on Randy Jr. “Help!” Randy Jr. yelled. The manager’s foot goes down. The camera cuts off. “Oh, shoot!” I yelled. Natasha glared at me then we shoot out the window and fly to the hotel before it’s too late. The sun’s coming up; we are scared so we fly faster. The sun comes up and we hop in the hotel window. David falls off my back and tumbles away. “Oops!’ I said. I grab David and Voice takes his cape off and dashes down the hall. He opened the door and gasps. Then he falls asleep right there. “Shoot,” I said. Everyone wobbles over and falls asleep. I close my eyes.

Chapter 15

I wake up, “Oww!” I shout. I am tied to a desk next to everyone else. “David, wake up!” I shouted. David is not on the table. “Randy Jr.!” I shouted. He was gone too. “Voice?” I asked. Nope he wasn’t there either. Fear is struggling in her ropes. “David!!! I need you!!” I shout. The ropes burn. “Too late now vampire girl, they’re gone.” The evil hotel manager laughed. “And you’re next!” He laughs his villainish laugh. “No there not gone, they can’t be!” I yelled. “Don’t listen to him Violet!” Cristafur cautioned me. He unstrapped me and grabbed me. “Why do you want to kill me?”  I asked the evil guy. “Explain to me!” I command him after crossing my little bat wings.

Chapter sixteen

“Because you killed too many people, you killed Violet, Voice, Ashely, Austie, Becky, Boston, Cassy, Cristafur, David, Officer Bobby and Ryann. And you think I’ll let you live?”

“Wait if you kill us that would be 38 people. Plus we are Violet, Voice, Ashely, Austie, Becky, Boston, Cassy, Cristafur and David.” I explained. “Prove it!” The guy snorted at me. So I turned into a human. “See, I am Violet!” I said. Then he said, “Oh! So that’s how it works. Well, to tell the truth, David and Randy Jr. are still alive, but Randy Jr. is a little crushed.”

“Come one, he’s just a baby!” I said. Then he took me to where David and my grandson were.

Chapter seventeen

“David!” I said. David and Randy Jr. were tied to a table with a magnified glass above them. The curtains on the window were open. I untied them and David groans because the manager stretched his broken wings out. Randy Jr. was crying and wrapped his little bat wings around my hand. I used my other hand to stroke his tiny head. David said to me, “Do you think we should move back to Violet Valley now?”

“Yes David, let’s move away from humans now. I had enough.” I answered. I delicately lifted David and Randy Jr. off the table and went to the other room to collect the others. “Wait, you’re leaving?” The manager said. “Of course, we had enough of hotel life; we want to go back to where we came from.” I answered. “Okay, but I did like David’s singing.” The guy answered. “Sorry, we got to go.” I said and we opened the window and left.

Chapter eighteen

We arrive home again. Will I ever leave again? I don’t know, but I do know some humans are evil. Now we are all safe, we are all alive and David is singing ‘Dance party’ again. It’s not too bad actually. David came up to me and said, “Can you sing dance party for me please?”

“Okay David, I will.”  Then I sang it, “Dance party, dance party, dance party, yah, yah, yah, yah!” It was fun so I continued, David joined in and so did Voice and Cristafur. “Dance party! Yah! Yah! Yah! Yah!” Everyone clapped and cheered. Then me and David kissed. Everyone cheered more. And then we went to sleep.

Chapter nineteen

David has a new song it goes like this, David is Appsalootly Batty and Violet is no fun. David is A-p-p-s-a-l-o-o-t-l-y-B-a-t-t-y and Violet is just no fun-un-un. Yah! I am never going to get over it. David comes up and sings, “David is Appsalootly Batty and Violet is no fun. David is A-p-p-s-a-l-o-o-t-l-y-B-a-t-t-y and Violet is no fun-un-un. Yah!” So I sang, “Violet is Appsalootly Batty and David is no fun. Violet is A-p-p-s-a-l-o-o-t-l-y-B-a-t-t-y and David is no fun-un-un. Yah!”

“You got it Violet!” David cheered. Everyone laughed at us. “Daaaaavvvvviiiddd!!!!!” I screamed at David. He fell over. Oh and he’s not wearing casts any more. David flies away.

Chapter 20 Twenty

David has fried chicken again. He holds it tight. I distract him so he’s not looking at his chicken. Cristafur slips the chicken out of David’s hand and runs away. David turns back and bites down on his hand. “Owwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!” David screamed. “Oops!” I said. “Cristafur!!!” David yelled. Cristafur was sharing his chicken with Fear and Natasha. “Thank you David!” Cristafur, Fear and Natasha said. “David you’ll never learn.” I told him. Then I looked at his pathetic pale face of sorrow and patted his back. “It’s okay, you’ll get over it.” I said.

The end.

 Next book is Zeanna the vampire.


© 2013 Violet Batt

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Violet Batt
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