Half vase of yarn

Half vase of yarn

A Story by Violet Evergreen

If my heart was mountains and seas That you saw in your eyes Then I will pray with every step of the way Who knew there grew a land of grass Scene of birds and flowers and a smile free from world

Life was a beautiful thing, filled with the journey of one's emotions. Yet fate, was always a mysterious thing, veiled upon sight, sealed with the emblem of time.

Since they met, their journey began. Unknown to them, fate had always guided them. It was a beautiful thing, to be able to enjoy days together, laughing with no worries.

Yet, when she needed him the most, he had to let her go.

Why? Was it because she was not worthy of him? He was her love, yet he had broke her heart.

But the truth, the truth shattered her. He knew that his time would be up soon, for the sickness in him was consuming his life. He hid the truth, hoping that she would give up on him, even if that thought broke his mind into a thousand pieces.

Yet, when his time was nearly up, a blurred figure took its place next to him. Tears fell from her eyes as she stared at his pale face. Taking his hand gently, she accompanied him as he took his last breath of life.

Two people laid there, cold and lifeless, yet both together with a smile.

© 2021 Violet Evergreen

Author's Note

Violet Evergreen
Thank you for reading have a nice day :)

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Thanks I love this short story
A tragic end but also happy they both left at once to a new life holding each other
I’m still confused
Were both sick at same time and didn’t tell the other
Sorry it doesn’t really matter but loved the story and the ending

Posted 4 Months Ago

Love this! I'm a sucker for sad romance. ; )

Only found one typo:
"He hide the truth" should be changed to "He hid the truth."

Hope this helps!

Posted 4 Months Ago

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Added on May 5, 2021
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