Strange Memory...

Strange Memory...

A Story by Requiem Bane

Flash back for Eve. After the story Crimson Angel


Watching the old house I used to live in always brought back memories. Not so much painful ones as…strange ones. Like the time my cousin, Cael, the b*****d—came over and helped carved up my parents. It was a fairly strange memory.

He never raised his voice; he was completely coherent and sane (if possible) when he tied my mother to the bed, and my father with his wrists above him in the kitchen. He asked me which knife would be better to bone something with. I answered in the same, odd cool headedness. “Fillet knife, why ask?” He seemed to take the as a small challenge.

“Which shall I cut your father up with? Fillet or...?”

“Serrated.” I gave my father a blank stare as he started to scream against the gag. I couldn’t tell you why I enjoyed my parents fear. I felt nothing but a strange bliss; of course blood has the same affect on certain people so it’s not really unusual. When Cael smiled I felt a kindred spirit…of sorts. So he handed me the knife and I started at the back of Daddy’s calves, slowly cutting in and going up. Just enough to peel small amounts of skin from his deeply tanned legs. I knew dad was screaming and I actually got light-headed from the idea of it. “Undo the gag…”I murmured and continued. Wishing to hear him and watch his blood drain. I smiled to myself as Cael laughed in an uproar and undid the gag.

The first scream had me shaking with pleasure; this was so lovely. The perfect form of death, and I was making it. Cael smiled and gave me a pat to my blonde locks, I was the perfect form of an angel; blonde, blue eyes, pale and had a sweetish disposure. Mostly. Daddy screamed again as I dug a little deeper into his flesh, getting bored I dragged the knife along the inside of his thigh and cut deeply when I reached his hipbone. He even screamed my name, begged me to stop! As if I’d care...!

My hands once again gripped the cool knife and cut him across the lower stomach, he’d stay alive so I pushed my hand into the wound. He screamed and I started to pull things out, how long would he last? A few minutes…hours…days? I wanted to know, and in my absent-minded curiosity I realized that Cael was no longer there, mother was screaming…he must have been having his time. Carelessly I started again, bringing the steel across his ribs and up, peeling skin with deft hands.

By the time I was done, Daddy’s innards were strewn upon the floor and my skin was almost as scarlet, I smiled as I watched his vibrant blue eyes dull and the body took one last breath, even though life was gone. He had screamed better during the end, but I wouldn’t dwell too much on that little imperfection. The mess was lovely and I reached in, grabbed his slowly beating heart. It died in my hand and I felt true life. I’d crossed over.

© 2009 Requiem Bane

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Yes, I really must agree. But see, Eve isn't the BAD one. Lia Lune wasn't bad either and she's a cannibal. The real roots of all their evil is because of the families. Cael for Eve and Eryn for Lia Lune. It's all nurture in my opinion not nature. Of course their personality disorders are very, very much a part of the story.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Awesome addition to Crimson Angel. Evil lil thing, isn't she? Very vividly descriptive, I can picture it quite clearly. Great job.

-Dawn Marie

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Requiem Bane
Requiem Bane


Requiem Bane; a Lament of Misery, but of course, that's not my real name. I'm Mary. I thought it would be a cool idea to join, seeing as Euphoric Sin was on here. Yeah, I love you Jesse. Age: 16 .. more..

Perfect? Perfect?

A Story by Requiem Bane