The birth of Li-Lu

The birth of Li-Lu

A Story by Requiem Bane

So, Lia Lune (Li-Lu) is the girl who was roomed with Eve in OLA.


“LIA!” Eryn’s voice screeched, as she looked for her young daughter, the woman’s blonde hair was pulled tight into a painful bun and the telltale ‘click-click’ of her heels echoed in Lia’s head. “Where did that little girl go?” Her voice was little more then a hiss and she pushed her glasses up, brown eyes shielding the crazed look.

Lia’s pale body was curled under the stairs, she cringed when the door opened and a pale, bony hand latched onto her arm. Bruising the tender flesh Eryn dragged her closer and up the flights of stairs.

Lia was six at the time and her fragile body bumped and snapped under her mother’s cruel grip, the stairs seemed to jut out as she passed. Scraped knees and bruised flesh. Another normal day in the Kinney home. “M-mommy? Where...are we going…?” She whimpered and felt herself get pulled again.

“I’m going to show you the real way to end life. Now shut the f**k up!” Her snarl was terrifying and Lia murmured in fear. “Shut up! Are you daft?!” She shook her daughter until her head snapped back and she looked down at her daughter. “Idiot child!”

A woman’s muffled voice was heard from the room above, Lia knew what her mother was going to do. “N-no! Mother you g-gotta stop it…stop this!” She shrieked and pulled away. No more of this, she thought, her soul wanted to weep. “This is...w-wrong!” She ran, her small feet slapping against the cold floor as she rushed to comfort her little sister; Alycia. “Shh…” She whispered and held the small child tightly, her lips against the pale blonde locks. “It’ll be over soon.” She closed her eyes and started to hum a song, a happy ditty about a little bunny and a fairy.

“Girls!” Their mother screamed loudly and they both covered themselves in a blanket. “Girls! I will NOT call you again! If I don’t see both of you in two seconds I’ll get very, VERY violent.” Her voice made both of them shudder. “One…tw-”

“Here.” Lia whispered and kept an arm around her little sister, “w-what can we do…?”

“Clean it up.” She snapped, blood dripping from the right corner of her mouth. She strolled off, peeling the blood stained suit off with perfect ease.

When Lia opened the door she felt bile rise and she turned to Alycia. “Go clean our room, lovey. I can take…care of up here.” The child nodded and ran, Lia turned and surveyed the room.

A bed; big and brass and boldly scarlet with blood was in the middle. A woman’s body spread and tied on it, naked. She had a gash in her cheek and a larger one through her chest; she saw the small chunks of internal organs everywhere. The heart was most noticeable; a small dagger was pierced through it. She was aghast at her mother’s handy work. “Dear God…” She muttered in horror.

“Lovely, no?” Her mother’s wickedly eerie voice murmured into her ear. She grabbed the heart and put a piece of it in her fingers and to her daughter’s mouth. “Eat.” When Lia pulled away she snarled. “Eat or I’ll make YOU clean up your little sister.”

Lia whimpered and opened her lips, the piece of flesh sliding into the child’s mouth. She gagged but forced the abomination into her throat and down to her stomach; which turned in disgust.

“Good. Now finish it.” Eryn laughed, malice and insanity, she really was crazy. And Lia had to live with this monster.

But Alycia wouldn’t, she couldn’t allow her pure sister to be corrupted by her. She just couldn’t!

© 2009 Requiem Bane

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Added on July 15, 2009


Requiem Bane
Requiem Bane


Requiem Bane; a Lament of Misery, but of course, that's not my real name. I'm Mary. I thought it would be a cool idea to join, seeing as Euphoric Sin was on here. Yeah, I love you Jesse. Age: 16 .. more..

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A Story by Requiem Bane