Depressing but the way out

Depressing but the way out

A Chapter by Vishesh Kashyap

It is the first chapter. In this the king who is sitting at the throne is discussing an important matter. Also he states a important point i.e. everyone is valid in their outlook but abused in others.


 Beset by sober men, I am perching here in this depressing place entertaining people complaining. Well, it's my obligation, ought to do it with no objection. Aah, the individual thing that stands acceptable touching this dismal point is that this place is considerably winning in look. However, I prefer not to arrive here. The reason or you can assume the specific reason why I don't desire coming here, I will tell you, but ere that let me terminate the procedures concerning this tribunal, don't thee worry.


"King Sheikh Ud Din Jagear greets all delegates present, furthermore would like to give y'all a huge gratitude for appearing here, omitting all your precious works to address a highly significant and a lot worthy matter."  

Wait, wait, I am not saying these to you, well I am pleading my courtiers.


Yes, you must be thinking, what important matter I would be discussing today. Well, while holding the post of a monarch, there are countless critical parleys that I ought to attend, although this parley is a lot mattering than the others. Including, will be the most hurtful matter for me ever. Why and how? Well, I'll need not narrate you because you will acquire it on your own. Let me continue.


"Do sit down all.

"I fancy no hostilities, no conflicts, no fight, no combats, no wars. Our domain is petite. We are all breathing peacefully. We never stretched out to acquire territories. We are the advocates of peace and humanity. Furthermore, we will pleasure to remain the same. Though the circumstances are so, we will, preferentially, I will not concede and will not allow my soldiers to enter the war field even though I will have to dole up the kingdom either bequeath the throne." War! What do you think I will fight, never.


"Your Dear Majesty, Signifying a post of a prime minister of your realm, I should warn you. And advise you that thee should accept the challenge and put up your feet in the war field." Ooo, I should introduce you to him, he is the prime minister, his name is Yavinashya, his name is quite complicated, but he is quite an intelligent one. Wait, I need to reply.


"Beloved Prime Minister, you crave me to annihilate my brother. Have you misplaced your discernment regarding this!"


"Sir, when an identity is the supreme of a state, then suddenly he has no brothers, no sisters, no parents, in simple words, he has no blood relation. The solitary thing he possesses is the duties that an emperor should ought to do, and it is the integrity of the monarch to save us from an existing evil who can ruin the whole of our provinces, and he is your brother."


Diplomats commence to argue, furthermore drive me to do something which I don't relish, or thou can say I loathe, doing those things. And one amidst them is entering the war field in order to combat. It presently feels as if I hold out my sword and exterminate all the ministers. They let me do nothing I fancy. It's one of the reasons why I don't seek holding parleys or appearing here in this winning seemed place but a dismal one.


"Well, everyone is valid in their outlook but abused in others. Dear, PM I justly affirm that thee is an intelligent man, and your reasoning is correct regarding the safety of our people. But there are indeed numerous additional alternatives excluding what you ought stated and which we have not yet thought about, for that we will demand everyone's understanding concerning this, then possibly we will find a more desirable way out. And what you spoke regarding the family a monarch has is totally correct, and I accept it. But I can state to you another cause for why I don't aspire war if you crave to hear."




"Behold! my distinguished father, or our expired king, perpetually pursued the path of non-violence. Hence, with the framing of the rule book in the attendance of my father, me, and you dear PM, 20 years ago, I nevertheless retain, and possibly you too, that he concentrated solely on the framing of the front page of the book. What was so exceptional about it? Well, after I will state what it consisted of, suddenly, I believe you will understand. I remember it. It was something like this:

The creation of this world has devised a roaring dispute among all concerning power distribution, though, we the Sheikhs promise the world that we will not eradicate the peace, we will not be violent and be human as far as probable. The world will commemorate our kingdom as a peace maintainer. So with becoming the king, I, the initial king of this empire, promise, and the succeeding caliphs should promise that I will not break, and they likewise will not obliterate the peace. Plus will be humans, following the path of humanity.

Unmistakably, there are numerous more words inscribed on the page, but I stated what I deemed relevant in this situation. With this, I think you must have understood that until there is no severe danger, till then, no weapons to be handled."


"Well, Sir, you stated that no weaponry to be handled until there is no dangerous situation. Sir, I would cherish to ask your definition of the word 'dangerous'? Your brother is available with all kinds of warfare weapons, and he is day by day extending his army and, you are assuming it not as a dangerous situation. He is all unhesitant to attack us, and you are saying it isn't a dangerous situation. If in your view it isn't a threatening situation, then I would encourage you to throw off the weapons which you possess as in my outlook, there would be no severe danger coming in future if you deem it to be not a danger."


"You are right, but I ache to avert war to my greatest extend. I don't want to kill the innocent soldiers fighting, for money, for sustaining their families. Why dissipate so much money and lives when you can curtail it. But, that's not the reason as you are a soldier, it's your duty to fight. But, the reason is that I want peace and non-violence. Okay, leave that, and let's not quarrel. Let's try to find a better solution to it. If we contest to fail, then, obviously for my people, I will declare war. But before that, let's find a better way out of the mess."


"Your majesty, it would be useless if we two only speak. Let's spring up the forum to find a safe way out for this perplexity. So, let's start."


Thou are still here. Aah, It's okay. You know that I am a lot worried regarding this matter. I am depressed, well, a lot depressed. What I am speculating is that I should bequeath the throne, but a lot many dilemmas stand out if I will do that. Let me see what I will benefit after the discussion would be over. Plus, I stated somewhere that this parley is going to be the most mattering for me and also a lot hurtful, and I think you got the understanding of why it is so.


Okay, bye, I will meet you after this discussion gets over with a good result, hope so. You all can take a nap till then because it would be monotonous.


© 2020 Vishesh Kashyap

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Vishesh Kashyap

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Sorry I haven´t had time to review a lot of stuff lately, but i just want to say that I already am invested in this! Great writing!

Posted 1 Month Ago

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Vishesh Kashyap

1 Month Ago

Thanks for your precious review. Atleast you wrote this much other, didn't even read. thanks

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1 Review
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Vishesh Kashyap
Vishesh Kashyap

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