The Blizzard

The Blizzard

A Chapter by SilverSpirit98

The first chapter. It isn't the best, but yea.. Heh

The Blizzard
The wind blowed in frustration. The snowflakes swung down to the ground, burying it with snow. 
Flow charged through the snow, yowling in fear. "I just know I'm dead meat here... I wont make it out alive.." She bawled in fear. The snow slowed down, but the snowflakes charged after her. They fell in her midnight black fur. "Oh god.. It feels as if it's been three moons already..." She spat, licking the snowflakes off of her fur. "Oh Flux.. Where are you, my love?" She sighed.
 The sun slowly began to come up, the darkness slowly fading away. Flow slightly frowned. "At least it's morning now.. I can actually see." She murmured. 
The raging snow stopped falling. Now just a delicate snowfall. Flow sat down, licking her fur. She sighed happily. "At least I have fur to protect me from the snow." She snickered lowly "Foolish and poor hunters, they have these doodahs that apparently they use as fur!" 
Flow blinked slowly, a yawn escaped her muzzle. A voice rang in her head. "Flow? My love, is it really you?" 
She jumped up, "Huh? Whose there!?" She exclaimed, spinning around, trying to find the mysterious voice. "I'm not afraid of you... My fangs have been waiting to sink into someone!" She growled, her jaws slowly separating. Ready to attack.
"Flow, dear. It's me.. Flux." The voice said softly.
Flow froze. "F-Flux?" Tears of happiness streamed down her face. "Love, where are you?!" She whined in happiness. 
"I'm not sure, dear.. Where are you? And how come we can communicate with each other?" Flux hummed softly, trying to calm Flow. 
"I'm not so sure.. But I'm scared.."
"Now, now dear. Don't fear.. Don't fright.. I'll be there...." His voice faded slowly.
She whined. "Flux? I don't know what you're saying! You're fading!!" She whimpered. "Flux? Flux!?" 
"Dear... Sta.. Safe.." Finally, his voice faded. 
The wind began to blow in rage, awaking Flow from her dream.
"Huh? Flux?!" She looked around, all that she saw through her crystal blue eyes. Was the ice and snow surrounding her. "Flux!? No! It couldn't have been a dream! I'm all alone..." She sighed.
"You're not alone, my sweet....."

© 2012 SilverSpirit98

Author's Note

It's bad I know.. Sorry, I'm not the best writer. But I hope that I get better and better. Remember, don't sugar coat you're reviews!

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Added on October 6, 2012
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A Chapter by SilverSpirit98