E. Allen J.

E. Allen J.

A Story by Jennifer P.

A suicidal note to a lover, the only way for this character to keep their lover,forever.

I've thought of taking my life plenty of times before.
My current lover who shames my heart in despair would have a surprise one cannot bare.

My touch will no longer exist, my scent will no longer consist of that sexy smell 
Maybe then it'll be easy for you to tell, what I meant to you.

Maybe then, you will give me the time and place.
Wonder why I decided to leave.
You thought I'd never have the strength to walk away-
As you held me captive in your spiderweb of anticipation.
Taking me for granted.

Yet, I have made the ultimate exit,
I have walked away eternally.
The only way to be in your thoughts eternally,
May the regrets and pain distinguish the hate in your heart over me.

May you miss me with the strength of a thousand men.
Because that is when I'll look down at you and say,
"It is too late
You've designed your fate"
Now the day you die, in your grave you take me
In your memories and thoughts..

Together forever, at last.

© 2015 Jennifer P.

Author's Note

Jennifer P.
Everyone to their own.

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Added on January 30, 2015
Last Updated on January 30, 2015
Tags: death, love, lust, life, dead, poems, writing, thoughts, loneliness, depression, complications, lovers, stories

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