The Allura Saga (chapter 4 mission complete)

The Allura Saga (chapter 4 mission complete)

A Story by The Blogger

Lisa finishes hunter J but runs into someone who has more power. Lisa is forces to do something that will change someone's life forever.

Chapter 4 Mission Complete

The blast from her energy ball was so intense it blew Eve and Joe a couple of feet back. Trees were reduced to ice, and half of the crater was blasted away. Eve and Joe stood up “amazing power, you think Yuna will be that strong?” asked Eve.
“Yuna will get strong, stronger than her mother” said Joe. Luna’s power faded away Joe and Eve found Luna unconscious “all that energy must have knocked her out” said Eve. She picked up Luna and carried her on her back.
“Take Luna back to the kingdom I’ll find Lisa” said Joe as he took off running.
The fortress was close to hitting the ground Lisa slammed J to the ground, then she picked her up by the neck.
“Any last words?” said Lisa.
“Yes...ha-ha...This is only the beginning...for you” said hunter J. Lisa through J to the ground again she took her fist and punched J’s stomach the impacted killed J, just before the fortress hit the ground it crumpled apart. Lisa fell and landed in a bush she had to dodge a few fallen rocks but she was ok.
“Well mission complete” said Lisa as she walked away
“You are good, Lisa thank you for getting rid of J for us” said a mysterious person.
Lisa stopped and turned around “who are you?” Asked Lisa as she kept her guard up, the mysterious person had on a black coat to cover her identity Lisa couldn’t see who it was.
“That’s information cannot and will not be said but you must do something for us” said the mysterious person
“Who’s us”? Asked Lisa
“Like I said, not telling” said the mystery person.
Lisa ran toward the mystery person she was about to through a punch when the mysterious person put out her hand to Lisa, Lisa stopped in her tracks she thought to herself
(“so much power, and within her hand I can’t fight her”) quivered Lisa.
“See what happens when you acted out you get put right back in to place again, like a dog on a leash, good girl, now you will do this assignment like a good girl” said the mystery person.
“Or what,” Lisa ground out.
“Well I guess you don’t care what happens to Allura she’ll pay the price if you don’t listen..and I will let u watch as we slowly kill her.” said the mysterious person.
Lisa let her guard down, she stared to sweat she had no choice it was Allura, or this “ok, what do you want me

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Added on September 14, 2014
Last Updated on September 26, 2014
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