The Allura Saga (Chapter 5 trouble with family)

The Allura Saga (Chapter 5 trouble with family)

A Story by The Blogger

After Lisa's mission things at the moon star house aren't quite relaxing as Allura wants it to be. Lisa finds out that her best friend was killed. Allura's life was about to take a different turn.

Chapter 5 The trouble with family

The mysterious person told Lisa everything that she needed to do in order. The mysterious person smiled “Do you understand?” asked the mysterious person.
“Yes, I hate you!” scolded Lisa.
“Oh get over it you’ll learn to love it,” said the mysterious person.
“…..I swear, when this is over I’m coming after you” scolded Lisa.
“Trust me, when you do your first assignment you will have no desire to kill me, we’ll be in touch” said the mystery person as she disappeared.
Lisa took off, she jumped from tree to tree not long after she ran into Joe he gave her a hug
“Are you ok Lisa” asked Joe.
“I’m fine…..just tried…How’s everyone”? Asked Lisa
“Luna and Eve are fine, I’m guessing J’s die”? Asked Joe
“Yes, I want to hurry back to the kingdom I’m tired said Lisa. She took off jumping then Joe followed.
Back at the hospital Yuna entered Luna’s room. “Mom, I heard you went all out on your mission. So I take it the mission was a successes” said Yuna. As she started to fluff Luna’s pillow.
“Yes, you can stop fluffing my pillow I’m fine” said Luna.
Yuna smiled
“that’s what they all say, and then you call the nurse for something I’m taking care of you until you get your strength back” said Yuna. Yuna spent the night at the hospital they talked until Luna fell asleep.
Two weeks later, Allura was sleeping when she woke up to arguing.
“What is it now” said Allura she got out of bed and walked down the hall way, she slowly put her heard to the door Joe, May, and Lisa were in there
“What! Do you mean you won’t do the mission tomorrow?” Scolded Joe
“I have things to do tomorrow….I have no time to go on the missions you assign me, the king has a mission for me, I know the co needs me, but this one is more important. ..It’s always the same with you, you give me crap about everything I’m my own women” said Lisa.
“Your fathers just stressed, he didn’t mean to take his anger out on you Lisa” said May calmly.
Joe and Lisa didn’t say anything else to each other.
“...Allura” called Lisa. Allura Joe and May gapes. “go get back into bed” order Lisa.
Allura ran back to bed “I didn’t even make a sound, hmm that’s how good my sister is at finding people” said Allura.
The next morning was quite Lisa left for her mission early Allura looked tired
“Couldn’t sleep” said May.
“How could I with all the screaming and the snarling last night” said Allura.
“Oh, sorry about that” said May with a frown on her face.
“Yes, what were you doing up so late last night?” asked Joe
“Look, I’m worried about my sister I have a feeling something will happen and……I’m going to school now forget what I said” said Allura as she left for school.
Allura sat down at her deck she closed her eyes for a second. Yuna sat down next to her “wow, you looked wiped out” said Yuna.
“Mom & dad wouldn’t stop arguing with Lisa, I got no sleep and my family’s having problems” said Allura she put her head down and as soon as a minute past she fell asleep.
“Oh Allura” said Yuna.
Later that night Lisa came home from her mission she walked down the hall way and saw Allura, working on her magic.
“Magic control can be hard to do sis” said Lisa.
Allura smiled “I know but I’m a moon star just like you so I’ll get it” said Allura.
“About that, Allura you don’t have to be like me, and it’s ok to be jellies of me, even if you end up hating me someday” said Lisa.
“What! I could never hate you” said Allura.
Joe entered the room “the king would like to see you now Lisa” said Joe.
“What I’m trying to say is follow your own path, not mine” said Lisa as she left the house.
Allura got this idea to follow Lisa to the castle Lisa entered the kings office
“Lisa please sit down, glad you could make it” said the king. Allura listened from the door. “I have tragic news, it’s about Eve” said the king
“What happened”? Asked Lisa “Eve…..was, murdered earlier today” said the king.
Allura gapes Lisa’s eyes widened Allura thought “murder! Who could have done this”? Wondered Allura
“I don’t know who did it but she died by a psychic attack” said the king.
Allura didn’t want to hear more so she ran back home.
“What a tragedy it is, I just wish I knew who, it was” said Lisa.
“Come to think of it, you looked up to Eve as a big sister didn’t you” asked the king
Lisa nodded her head yes, “not to worry, will find the person who did this and will bring him or her to justice, I’m sorry Lisa” said the king.
Lisa got up from her seat “thank you, for telling me and its ok I’ll be fine” said Lisa as she left the room. Lisa stood there for a moment then her eyes changed color and changed formed “Tomorrow night, my mission begins” said Lisa.

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