The Allura Saga (Chapter 6 Allura's Dark Time)

The Allura Saga (Chapter 6 Allura's Dark Time)

A Story by The Blogger

Everything around Allura's house seems ok. But this is the night that changed her life forever. As she find her family dead by her sisters hands.

Chapter 6 Allura’s dark time

That morning Allura ran down stairs and sat down. “Woo what’s the rush” said May.
“I have a test on my magic today and I’m in a little bit of a rush” said Allura. The moment May put Allura’s breakfast on the table Allura inhaled her food “done, ok bye mom love you see you after school” said Allura. Allura ran toward the door when she ran into Lisa
“Heading off to school, Allura?” said Lisa.
“Yes….look, I’m sorry about Eve it must be hard for you” said Allura.
Lisa looked at Allura then Lisa smiled “its okay, I’m fine I have to get ready for a mission, you should get to school” said Lisa.
Allura nodded her head yes then she ran out the door she thought to herself, “Lisa’s taking Eve’s death well I wonder why” said Allura. Allura ran past her cousins and nephews.
“I see you’re in a rush to get to school Allura” said Grandma Amy as Allura ran by.
“Sorry I can’t talk now but I’ll tell you all about it after” said Allura. She entered her class room; Yuna and Isaac were already sitting down
“hey Allura I see your ready for the test” said Yuna.
Allura smiled “I am more than ready I am going to Ace this” said Allura.
Mrs. Smith walked in. “Good morning class, are you ready for the test” asked Mrs. Smith. Everyone nodded. “Ok then let’s get stared” said Mrs. Smith.
4 hours later Allura had her magic test there was a barrier in front of Allura “ok Allura you are to break this barrier with your fire style” said Mrs. Smith
Allura blasted the barrier with her fire ball fire power. She thought to herself (“Lisa’s right I must follow my own path so I’ll surpass my sister I won’t lose to her”) said Allura as the barrier broke.

7 hours later that night, the sun had already set Allura ran home
“It’s getting late I’d better hurry” said Allura she entered the moon star gate, she ran faster home but what she didn’t realize is that she was being watched. Allura stopped she looked around
“the lights it’s too early to be this dark” said Allura. She ran down the street and turned the corner and gasp in shock “what is this” shivered Allura her cousins and nephews were dead. Blood was smeared on the ground the windows were shatter Allura stared to sweat she ran down the street to find her grandma dead.
“Grandma Amy” cried Allura blood was everywhere and Amy had stab wounds all over her back Allura eyes stared watering then she realized “no mom and dad” said Allura. She pushed the door open and entered her house.
“Mom… Dad,” Allura called but there was no answer she walked down the dark hallway toward the stairs that led to her mom and dad’s room when Allura heard a big thump up stairs. Allura ran up toward May and Joe’s room, she went to open the door but then stopped she felt a chill go down her spine.
“Someone’s in here” said Allura as she hesitated to move. Sweat ran down her face she entered the room to find Joe and May dead she ran in, “Mom! Dad!”Cried Allura
but she stopped when she saw someone in the shadows. The mysterious person walked into the moon light. It was Lisa,
“Lisa mom and dad are dead...I don't understand who could have done this?” Cried Allura,
Lisa threw a knife past Allura. Allura realized that she had been cut.
“Lisa what are you doing” said Allura.
“Maybe this will help. Moon star eyes psychic style past, present, future, psychic power” said Lisa. The room became gray Lisa rewound time with her magic power she showed Allura everything how she killed everyone. Lisa through knifes and ninja stars at her own cousins and nephews blood flew everywhere
“LISA WHY ARE YOU SHOWING ME ALL OF THIS!!!” screamed Allura Joe and May appeared in front of Allura they were tied up “mom dad!” Called Allura but it was just a vision. Lisa appeared with a sword in her hand “Lisa please don’t do this please” cried Allura. Lisa took her sword and sliced her mom and dad right in front of Allura it was too much for Allura to take in. “NO, No STOP NOOOO”!!! Screamed Allura as she fell to her knees in sweat, everything in the room returned to normal.
Allura started to cry “why, why would you do this….Lisa why!” cried Allura.
“To test the limes, of my ability” said Lisa with no expression on her face
“…..To test your, ability, that’s why you did this, you mean to tell me that you murder our entire family just so you can test the limes of your ability” said Allura.
“It was my destiny” said Lisa.
Allura got up,
“what are you saying…..YOU’RE OUT OF YOUR MIND!!!” screamed Allura as she ran toward Lisa, Lisa punched Allura in the stomach Allura fell on the bed, she open her eyes to her mom and dad’s bloody face she stared to tear up Allura quickly got up and ran out of the room screaming. Allura ran out of her house screaming and crying no one could hear her cry
“Please I don’t want to die” cried Allura. She stopped when Lisa appeared in front of her.
“Please don’t kill me” pleaded Allura
“Oh please Allura, you’re not even worth killing, we are the only ones in our family, and that will be put to the test” said Lisa.
Allura gave Lisa a dirty look “that power, where did you get it you never had it before” said Allura.
Lisa smiled. “Oh you mean the power of the moon star it’s our family’s power I’m the few who can use this magic now..and you could learn it to I need someone to test the limes of my ability and Allura, you are the one I choose...that’s why I haven’t killed you yet” said Lisa.
Allura balled her hand into a fist.
“now I made you hate me now you want to destroy me and like me your one of the ones who can use the moon star eyes…..but there is something you must do and it will cost you…..take the life of your best friend, you must kill her” said Lisa.
Allura then remembered Eve dying from a psychic attack.
“Wait so it was you, you killed Eve” said Allura.
“Yes, Yes I did and I got this power” said Lisa.
“So you did all of this for power, did you even stop to think about how it would affected me.
You’re leaving me with nothing” cried Allura.
“Don’t think of it like that, think of it as me saving you in a way” said Lisa.
Allura got angry “Saving me! You make no sense your leaving me with nothing, you don’t feel anything at all do you?” scolded Allura
“…no I don’t, but I have to say in a way you’re like me” said Lisa.
“…I am nothing like you!!” shouted Allura.
“At least, not yet…..if you wish to kill me one day in hate and revenge, surviving in a world like this at this age is your test, it will make you stronger, by all means live….. Continue with your pathetic life, and then when you have the same eyes come back and face me” said Lisa. She used her moon star eyes to knock Allura out. Allura fell unconscious. “……..I’m sorry….Allura….but at least I saved you” said Lisa she started to cry as she walked away.

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