Pikachu the journey of champions Eps 1 On Fire

Pikachu the journey of champions Eps 1 On Fire

A Story by The Blogger

Pikachu and his friend are on a beginning journey when the run into a battle.

Pikachu the journey
of champions
Eps 1 On Fire

Pokemon come in all different types shapes and sizes. One we all know is me pikachu the mouse Pokemon. I am on my way to the battle of champions. Pokemon go there to get put in the hall of fame.
You challenge the pokemon leader and win metals. Its kinda like going through what trainers went through but there are now humans anymore they all died off haha. Now its just use Pokemon everywhere..(except the 4,5,and 6 generation f*** that.) Ok done talking lets get to the action.

Pikachu had already left with his best friend Volpix. On there way to vermilion city to challenge the Pokemon leader Raichu. "Hmm that was a good snack" said Volpix. She swallowed the last bit of her apple. Pikachu smiled
"Ya that iron tale was something.. I got mad skills" said Pikachu. Volpix frown
"Haha I'm kidding we have two more days till we get to vermilion city so we should relax and enjoy the walk" said Pikachu.
Pikachu and Volpix came out of the forest and saw a Flareon and a Jolteon talking to each other. They saw Pikachu and Volpix and Flareon's eyes were on fire.
"Well theres my next challenger" said Flareon.
Volpix tilled her head
"You want a battle I will give you one..but don't be surprised when I win" said Volpix. Flareon smiled Jolteon and Flareon both got the metals out.
"You already been to vermillion city and won you metals" said Volpix.
"Looks like you have you work cut out" said Pikachu. Volpix looked at Pikachu with a glare.
"No one asked you" scolded Volpix.
Flareon and Volpix got ready in a stand off. Flareon started off with a swift attack. Volpix dogged she charged towared Flareon and tackled her. Flareon pushed back with a quick attack Volpix tumbled on the ground. She jumped right back up and dug into the ground.
"Dig too can play this game" said Flareon. As he went into the ground

Pikachu and Jolteon look around. Flareon popped out and hit the ground and was unable to battle.
Jolteon frowned Pikachu smiled Volpix popped out of the ground
"What happened" asked Jolteon as he walked up to Flareon.
"I rather not talk about it" said Flareon.
"Will be on our way to vermilion city" said Volpix. Pikachu and Volpix started to walk away when Flareon got to he's feet
"Wait..I will become stronger. When I do can we battle again" asked Flareon.
Volpix stopped and looked back
"I look forward to it" said Flareon. Said Volpix. She kicked her feet and walked away with Pikachu.
Flareon smiled
"You have a crush" said Jolteon.
"Maybe..but I need to work on getting stronger" said Flareon.
"On to Vermillion city" said Pikachu. Volpix smiled as the walked off into the distance.

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Added on December 21, 2014
Last Updated on December 21, 2014
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