A Poem by Vol

I left your bed because

the sun erupted red

to yellow through the purple, 

and, I, an early voyeur, 

watched from the porch 

as a thin sheet of fog

nestled over the pasture,

stirring like I do when I wake,


The house behind this wall

lies quiet, unaware that I’ve come 

out here in a conscious effort

to capture just a moment of peace,

or beauty as fleeting as smoke

in the morning breeze. 

My night ended too soon;

I have much to do today.

© 2023 Vol

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Coincidentally, I woke up early this morning, near sure the dawn wanted me to share yet another of its births. Could almost smell its sweet beauty and felt as if I was new too. a need indeed to be honest. How 'strange' that i should mystically find your gentle words, Vol. From wherever we come when facing a new day, it is gift.. a calming to take into the chaos life can be. Beautiful words

Posted 3 Days Ago


3 Days Ago

Oh, Emma,
Thank you, Someday I want to enjoy the sun rising over a British hamlet... I think.. read more

3 Days Ago

What a thing to say... and so very true. Dawn is a welcome, a confirmation that the days is proof t.. read more
I think what is unsaid in this one is as important as what we are told. The first part of the poem is a splendid description of early morning nature. We might think the speaker is up simply to behold that beauty. But when we hear the motive is to gain a moment of peace, there is no doubt that all is not well behind closed doors. In the end, all we know is that there is much to do today. We can only hope things work out.

Posted 4 Days Ago


3 Days Ago

It always works out... in today's world of sensory overload, the concept of peace and quiet, is terr.. read more
Second try Vol. the first got lost in the ether. A splendid sunrise is well worth the effort. Nature’s palette here certainly creating some vibrant brush strokes. Add to that the fog creeping over the pastures and you have Gaia working her heart out. Sadly all that underneath our noses, and most people don’t even notice. Gaia wins every time. Those fleeting and peaceful moments are a gift in an ever busy world.


Posted 4 Days Ago


4 Days Ago

Chris, thank you!
Sensual pleasure with the natural Earth, the sound of water in a creek, a c.. read more
A beautiful and tranquil feeling falls about your words today. I know this feeling, waking before the rest of the house and watching the morning unfold in the serenity of the dawn. Nicely done.

Posted 4 Days Ago


4 Days Ago

It is indeed a unique pleasure, and not too difficult to come by where I live... the sun .. read more

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4 Reviews
Added on May 25, 2023
Last Updated on May 25, 2023



Gouge Eye, TX

My name is Vol Lindsey. I live in Gouge Eye, Texas, a tiny ghost town on Rt. 66. I am a retired creative writing, English literature teacher. I have been writing poetry and reading publicly since 196.. more..


A Poem by Vol


A Poem by Vol


A Poem by Vol

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