Random start to something #3

Random start to something #3

A Story by Vonnie15

The leaves made soft, rustling sounds. She couldn't understand how it had happened. One moment he had still been there, right next to her. Now she was standing in Central Park alone. She had to get him back. But how? Quickly her mind jumped back to that day. The day which had changed everything. That morning they woke up late and ate Dunkin Doughnuts like any other Saturday. But it wasn't like any other Saturday.

"Do we have to go to Central Park today," Jeff asked. "I know it's a tradition, but..." She was shocked that he could suggest breaking tradition. Tradition was tradition for a reason: it worked. "How can you suggest that? We always have a picnic at Central Park on Saturday afternoons. What would we do instead?" she exclaimed in exasperation. "I just feel like doing something else for a change."

© 2010 Vonnie15

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Added on November 13, 2010
Last Updated on November 13, 2010



South Africa

01:26... darkness surrounds me...the sound of my room mate's invasive snoring and the sound of my keyboard my only company. That's what I do. I love to write. I need to write. It keeps me sane, I thin.. more..

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A Story by Vonnie15