A Poem by Victor Warui

This is so true folks.

They said I would be fine,
Now that dire days are nowhere to find.
Look at those stars above, said they.
Alone bar lonely, twinkling in merry.
Independent from forced servitude,
Free to choose from multitude,
Talk and walk with pride and gait.
All this I understood but wait,
Years have gone, one after two,
The old pain awash but cast ashore.
Why still am I hurting then?
No longer shackled in slavery den,
But still dissimilar to the stars, yet
Whenever alone, you want to pet.
In independence am made dependent.
When I talk am shooed like a rodent.
Can't walk, 'cos you calls me name,
Like an unruly animal yet to tame.
Do my colored skin hurt thy eyes?
All this time living marginalized,
Like a guinea-pig to be analyzed.
When will I get a visa to human world?
Its not acceptance I seek about,
I yearn for a potion that will heal
Your eyes from the chromatic ill-
Ness of bias and distaste of hue,
So you see first no color in me.
Human like you I am, you see.
Like stars, we don't have to be
Racists to twinkle alongside each.
In the end, the sky be ever wholesome,
Mesmerizing to the eye and awesome.
Then truly we'll be fine.

© 2018 Victor Warui

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It's rather than Its. This might be intentional, but I just want to check. "you calls me name" rather than "you call me names" or "you call my name" Your spelling and grammar are mostly correct all other times throughout, so this part stood out, and I wondered if it was intentional to highlight your message.
All technicalities aside, this was a brilliant way to express the need to be rid of racial bias. I really liked the lines, "Like stars, we don't have to be / Racists to twinkle alongside each." Even though the line split was to rhyme with the previous and next lines, the separation made "Racists to twinkle alongside each" a more interesting line somehow. Perhaps, due to the closeness of a harsh/negative word like racist to a dreamy/positive word like twinkle.
You even used the word awesome in such a fitting way! That word isn't commonly seen in poems such as these, but you incorporated it nicely.
Really enjoyed this piece, awesome work~ :)

Posted 1 Year Ago

Victor Warui

1 Year Ago

The line, "they calls me name" I intended to show how a certain name is repeatedly called unto the p.. read more

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Added on December 20, 2018
Last Updated on December 20, 2018
Tags: Love, Racism, Harmony, People, Blacks


Victor Warui
Victor Warui

Nairobi, Kenya

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