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Oh Marie

Oh Marie

A Story by Vyvalia

A Marie Antoinette Memior. She is my favorite princess and Queen who had ever lived. 😚


1769, Schönbrunn Palace, June 17th
I awoke to my chamber-maid drawing my curtains for me. The sun flooded my chamber faster than my eyes could dilate. I groaned and tried to cover my face but Mops jumped on my bed and started licking my ear. “Guten Morgen My Lady.” One of my maids announced. I looked at her with eyes like Mops. This was my last time I could spend a quant summer in Schönbrunn Palace. I wrly sat up in my bed so my maid could brush my hair. My servants came rushing in with multiple summer dresses. “Was werden sie heute tragen?” The tailor displayed the dresses for me. I must've had a disgusted look on my face because he quickly asked if I didn't want to wear any of them. With that the tailor left me with my pink dress and went off to sew me new dresses.
I left my hair simple and purposely didn't wear a petticoat under my dress so i wouldn't faint from the heat. I somehow managed to find my way into the dining hall after finding myself lost in countless hallways and parlors. My breakfast was strawberries dipped in chocolate with sugar coated waffles and syrup over all of it. Todays breakfast was especially delicious and the tea set used today was simply beautiful so I complemented the chefs waiting behind me. They looked at me with astonished faces and thanked me graciously.
I soon discovered that my sisters were being tutored and my mother was busy, as usual, so I decided to play outside by myself. Having a maid guide me to the gardens was a better idea than having myself wander around for hours looking for it. I was ecstatic to see thousands of roses engulfing the gardens. I went right on my way to making my mother a “Strauß Rosen”, or a bouquet de roses as they would call it in France. I got so carried away with picking thorns off my roses I didn't realize a man somewhat of a distance away from me. He was reciting something. Being frightened suddenly I hid in a bush.
“Rosen sind rot,
Veilchen sind blau,
Der Garten könnte nie,
Seien Sie so hübsch wie du.” I awkwardly blushed as I listened to the strange man recite a love poem. I lifted my head out of the bushes more to catch a better look at his face. he had his blonde hair swept back into a ponytail. When he turned his head to the side his blue eyes glistened. From the fasting i started yesterday my stomach roared from my spot in the bush. I stared at him with wide eyes and his eyes met mine. He gracefully stepped over next to my bush and held out his hand. “My lady.” he raised his eyebrow at me. I could feel my cheeks grow hotter as i let him pull me out of the bush. I gave him a poker face as we stared into each-others eyes. He asked me why I was wondering outside alone in the gardens by myself and I stuttered as I told him I was gathering roses for my mother. He smiled at me and came close to my face. "Darf ich Sie begleiten?" He asked if he may accompany me here in the garden. I stared at him confused. Does he know who I am? Do my simple clothes make me look like a common girl? "Ich bin die Königin von Frankreich!" I am the queen of France! Or at least almost the queen... He laughed at me loudly and I gave him a pouty face. He looked at me with the utmost confidence and stated, "Ist mir egal." He doesn't care!!
He then aggressively grabbed my hand and we started off towards the swing sets next to the old maple tree. I yelped at him to let go of me at once but he continued ignoring me plee. My heart began to race as I realized I could be getting kidnapped. "Sitzen." I sat on the swing set reluctantly although I was satisfied I wasn't being taken. He pulled back the swing and I flew through the air. I giggled and swung my feet as I came down back towards him. When I looked back towards his face while swinging I saw he was smiling at me. "Werden Sie Spaß?" He asked me in a loud voice. Of course I was having fun, but I was a little scared too... I gave him a worried look and he stopped the swing. He was holding me in his arms when I stopped. "Wer sind Sie ..?" I asked shyly in a quiet tone. His gaze melted me. " Ich bin Prinz Sebastian der Bukowina." I looked away when i heard the word prince. I shouldn’t be here with another man in the garden. Sebastian could see the worried look in my eyes. I stood up scared with guilt. If someone saw me here in the garden with Sebastian i would surely be in deep trouble. I darted off as fast as my feet could carry me and tears filled my eyes. I ran so fast i nearly hit the entrance to the gardens. My shoe caught itself around a vine on the path and I fell. I began to sob when i remembered that i was to be sent away to France to marry a man I didn’t know. It is my duty as Duchess of Austria, Marie Antonia, to marry Louis and become the queen of France. I was only trying to convince myself I had better things to do then flirt with a gentlemen in the garden.
I suddenly felt a stabbing sensation in my ankle and i looked down to find my foot in an odd position. I sobbed more. I’m so clumsy, and stupid. I wiped my tears on my dress then became weightless. I looked up from my dress in shock to find myself in the arms of Sebastian again. He layed me down softly in the grass next to the gate. “Shhh..Weine nicht Marie ... Lassen Sie mich helfen.” how could he possibly help me?! I tried shoving him away from me. My mouth was covered with his hand and i began to panic. My hands desperately tried removing his hands off my mouth but to no avail. I heard a loud click and screamed under his hand. The day became fuzzy and I felt myself fall over into his lap.
“MARIE! MARIE! WAKE UP MARIE!!” I sat up startled by the screaming. “TUTI?” I must've been dreaming, or passed out from the heat! I tried to stand up but i toppled back over from the pain in the ankle. I raised my dress to find my ankle was swollen and purple. Tuti screamed and guards caught attention. “WAS IST PASSIERT?” The guards were running over to us with weapons in their hands. The men looked at my ankle and hurried me into bridal style.
I was carried off into a strange part of the palace that I was unaware of. It was dark, damp and smelled like medicines. I was placed on an all white bed and the guards stood next to me. “Was ist passiert Marie?” A man in all white asked what happened to me. I stuttered when i plainly lied explaining how i fell when i slipped on a vine. The man in all white’s face could see through my lies. he continued to examine my foot and ankle. “Du bist in Ordnung ,Marie.” The man in white smiled and told me I was alright. My ankle would need ice and I wasn't aloud to walk.

© 2014 Vyvalia

Author's Note

Questions and comments much appreciated :)

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Added on November 28, 2014
Last Updated on November 28, 2014
Tags: Marie, Antoinette, Memior, love, palace, fancy, dream



La Crosse, WI

Hi! My name is Mia! Enjoy and try not to binge! :) more..

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