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Old Journal Entries

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November 13, 2006:

Today, two funny things happened at school. First, my math teacher told an anecdote of a football player: "A great football player was told that he needed a urine test. So, the great football player studied for three days to prepare for the urine test." I can't believe that the football player had been so stupid for not understanding the difference between a urine test and an academic test, so I think that my teacher was only teasing us.

Second, my math teacher told us a personal anecdote about the time when he was a child: "I was extremely fond of my Latin teacher, but I received failing grades in her class. Then, one day, as I began to leave the classroom, she pulled my ear and asked me why I was failing, for I had always been a good student. She added that all I had to do was to memorize the 10 words on the chalkboard every week. I did, and got aces from then on." My teacher implies that sometimes even good students go down, but with some effort, they can get up again, which is similar to what the poster once said in my math teacher's classroom: "Failure is not falling down, but staying down."

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