Warning: Do Not Feed the Artist

Warning: Do Not Feed the Artist

A Poem by Whitney Kleinhuizen

The struggle of finding your way and staying true to the self when regarded as an 'outsider' in a world that looks down upon and criticizes anything and anyone who deviates from "the norm".

Scars upon skin but fighter within
A road map of wars past, tattoos of an outcast

Sorrow an anchor, but rage a sail
This ain't no f*****g fairytale

Endless cries to a Godless sky, tears dry like sand
As blood begins to boil, time has come to make a stand

Walking through the fire, and rising from hells
Cage this beast no more longer, break from the cell

With a heart full of hunger, a soul of only truth
B***h you should know, I'm goddamn bulletproof

Forever on hands and knees, now watch the fallen rise
Defeat The Man I will, it's you all I so greatly despise

Your way of life is no way at all
Criticize the deviants, oh you have such gall

An army of one, that's all that I am
Hear the roar of a lion, this is no lamb

So here I stand against the odds, and against the flow
To fight for who I am to become, the next Michelangelo

© 2013 Whitney Kleinhuizen

Author's Note

Whitney Kleinhuizen
I purposely meant to use the word "ain't" although that is not grammatically correct.

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Raw emotions all over!!...great...!!
With a heart full of hunger, a soul of only truth
B***h you should know, I'm goddamn bulletproof".....Can't get enough of this line.....really cool one!!
I think you can do better than "cage this beast no more longer"....I mean don't alter the general feeling of the piece but It would be really nice if you come up with something better to represent the same emotion
Its great to read you as always.

Posted 6 Years Ago

Whitney Kleinhuizen

6 Years Ago

Thank you so very much for your review! And I will most definitely relook at that line. Now that you.. read more
great great! superb beginning, like it very much

Posted 6 Years Ago

Whitney Kleinhuizen

6 Years Ago

Thanks so much, greatly appreciated :)

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Added on September 27, 2013
Last Updated on September 30, 2013
Tags: turmoil, anger, determination, individuality, anticonformity


Whitney Kleinhuizen
Whitney Kleinhuizen

Portage, MI

I write out of expression. I don't know all the "rules of writing" and quite honestly don't really care. I write what I know. I write what I feel. I write beyond the eyes. I write from the heart. A.. more..