Melancholia's Vow

Melancholia's Vow

A Poem by Whitney Kleinhuizen

O' sweet child,
you are a chosen one.
Mine, you are
and to me you belong.
Run, run, you may
but there is no place you can hide
where I can't find you.
Hush now, and be still.
Trust in my hand,
the one that wraps itself around your throat.
Alone you will never be,
for I will always be with you.
Into darkness we shall fall together,
and it is there
where I will embrace you, my dear one.
Home, you have arrived,
for this is where you belong,
and it is here, that I will never let you go.

© 2013 Whitney Kleinhuizen

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I've been back here after a long time and i read this one.
Really really nice and i can relate to it. Your description,if i may call it that way, is so real.
But believe me, you'll get out of it one day. But keep writing!!....very nice.
I initially thought it was something romantic but the line "Trust in my hand,
the one that wraps itself around your throat." broke my bubble and i realized its the all so familiar yet unexplained hand of depression. Good.Keep going.

Posted 5 Years Ago

Ah, yes, it can seem like that at times; melancholy I mean. The odd thing here is that you've befriended it. Rather like Robin Williams portrayal of the depressive atmosphere of pre-glasnost Russia (Moscow on the Hudson). I suppose it manifests differently for everyone - that you describe it here as a falling into darkness as something wraps about the throat; that's rather different. I wouldn't have imagined that as an artifact of melancholy. I've always experienced it as a lingering blues or subtle depression (perhaps erroneously). Ah well, best leave the details to the professional, eh? In the end, a nice rendition, Whitney.

Posted 6 Years Ago

Whitney Kleinhuizen

6 Years Ago

It's not something I've so much as befriended but more as something felt and accepted as something t.. read more

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Added on October 3, 2013
Last Updated on October 3, 2013
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Whitney Kleinhuizen
Whitney Kleinhuizen

Portage, MI

I write out of expression. I don't know all the "rules of writing" and quite honestly don't really care. I write what I know. I write what I feel. I write beyond the eyes. I write from the heart. A.. more..