Boot Camp Blues

Boot Camp Blues

A Poem by Ian Faraway

I wrote this poem while in boot camp when I discovered I was being kicked.

Body is broken
Mind is gone
A twisted spirit
Far from home

Forgive my foolishness
Forgive my ways
I've failed to be wise
In all my days

So obsessed
Body is weak
Lord, let me pray
My soul to keep

Judgement clouds
Confusion clear
All this madness
Caused by no beer

Feet blistered
Hands numb
A place to rest
Do you know where I can get some?

A mad man
And his dream
Sparks rage
So cruel and mean

One day ends
Another begins
Time goes on
It is no one's friend

To be selfless
Is wise
But all dreams
Stay in the sky

Hold me close
Don't be too far away
In the end you're gone
It's just another bad day

Broken heart
Shattered dreams
I can't find a way
To blow off enough steam

I'm angry
I'm sad
I can't go a day
Without being mad

A piece is gone
I found it in her
Made my heart fly like a bird

One goal chased
One goal fail
From the ashes
Another one is for sale

How far will you go
To accomplish
That doesn't guarantee
You will finish?

Behind laughs
Behind smiles
Is a young man
tired of the miles

Clouds storm
Emotions sway
Caution yourself
As you walk this way

My future fades
My past lingers
Smiling and laughing
Pointing at me with its crooked finger

I cream so loud inside
And I try to let it out
But I just break down
And in hiding, pout

I'm so damn angry
And I'm so damn scared
It's so much weight
For this weak soul to bare

So what the f**k do I do
When as far as I can see
Everyone around me
Only sees the monster in me

I am broken
So take me away
To my special place
So I can meditate

Try to fit the pieces
Try to put me together
If I do it alone
I won't get better

© 2013 Ian Faraway

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"Time goes on it is no one's friend" What a great line. The poem seems to go back and forth like a tennis match. Very good work. I like that it is dark.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on March 23, 2013
Last Updated on March 23, 2013
Tags: sadness, metaphoric, forgiveness, childish, boot camp


Ian Faraway
Ian Faraway

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