A New Beginning

A New Beginning

A Story by Ian Faraway

I've been away for years because I had nothing to write. All I had were things I've long since written about. All I had was a pen full of ink, and a blank page before me. I try to sort it out.

           If I were to write any kind of story, I would want the story to be a roller coaster. I would want to take the reader on a journey, not just in a character’s life, but in the character’s mind and emotions. I would want the reader to know the character’s I create better than they may know some of the people in their own lives. My character would become somewhat predictable in a way. The reader will know how he/she will react to a situation before anything has even happened on paper yet, would understand the thought process of my characters and the important ‘why’ in the decisions that they make. There would be happiness, sadness, anger, regret, and every emotion that could possibly exist in my character and each one would tug away at the reader’s heart string. Each emotion pulling a different string until you can almost hear the music that is playing from the heart. I know very little of how to communicate the world I live in inside of my mind clearly either on paper or verbally. But I do know what I want my stories to be. I want my stories to have a life of their own. Once conceived, they will be nurtured and cared for like a defenseless newborn baby coming into a brand new world and knows nothing but its own existence and curiosity of everything else. I want my readers to live in the very worlds and stories I create. Not because I put together a string of words to make something sound pretty. But because the images that flash inside the reader’s mind moves something almost forgotten inside of them. Almost like they remember what it is to be human again. And once they get a taste of what it means to be who they are meant to be, they will take upon themselves a journey of their own… with my worlds guiding them every step of the way. That is the kind of story I would write. 

© 2019 Ian Faraway

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Added on October 3, 2019
Last Updated on October 3, 2019
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Ian Faraway
Ian Faraway

Somewhere, NH

Ian Faraway is simply a pen name and is not my actual name. Here are a few things to note: 1. If you need me to read anything you've written, please feel free to PM me. Also, let me know if you.. more..

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