A Poem by Ian Faraway

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Another day, another time

Another fall from my long climb

Tired of trying to get to the top

When every time I slip and then drop

Got to get rid of the heavy load, these crazy things

These memories

Holding me back from what I want to achieve

No just leave, leave

Leave me and let it be

Because in the end, I’m not close to being free

Seeing the bad and trying hard to see the good

Now and forever more will I be a slave of this misery

But it’s a simple thing called reality

Growing up to a father that would say I sucked

Telling me I was no good and I fucked everything up

Sick of people’s noise and complaints

If you heard my story you'd be ready to faint

While your complaining about your parents grounding you

Think about me when I was grounded

There was no “go to your room” and “no electronics”

But there was a leather belt that whipped you where it hurt

In your heart, damaging your self esteem and ego till nothing else remained

And all there was, was a mental box to block off everyone

And in time became my trusting friend

Take a step, go ahead

Take a step in my shoes and see if you make it to bed

© 2011 Ian Faraway

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"A" for grammar and spelling also "A" for writing with the descriptions and the truth and feelings being spoke. I mean so people don't understand the meaning of punishment, sick, or anything really thats taken for granted in life. I mean some people are ground others are punished in a different way when their parents can't ground but, instead beat or take equal value of that. Others don't understand the sickness of the same lunch while other are sick from no lunch. Some words are in wrong use while others go through worse. Nicely done and keep up the excellent writings.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on June 8, 2010
Last Updated on May 11, 2011
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