I'm Sorry

I'm Sorry

A Poem by Ian Faraway

I'm sorry for what I did
I made a gamble and lost my bid
You know I loved you since I was a little kid
But you stayed the same and I changed
Now living in a house where emotions raged.
Like a book that I wanted to put away
But instead turned to read the next page
A happy story turned to intense drama
Each word causing mental trauma

No guts, no glory
It was all apart of the story
I was hoping for a change in feeling
Instead happiness was what you were stealing
I wish I could go back and rewrite the chapters
Save the character now, see what happens later
But you disowned me
Might as well lock me away and throw away the key
Standing behinds bars screaming "Let me free!"

I wanted you to unclench your fists
But we shredded ourselves to bits
You made yourself believe it wasn't you
And that it was my change in attitude
I can still hear you calling me names
Wanting to play more of your wicked games
I'm sorry I wasn't perfectly obedient, Dad
But you screaming and cussing
Your short fuse and beer

I'm not surprised you couldn't see it that clear
Be gone when I come home
And by night, I'm still alone
Why couldn't you see that you were messing up my life
I may be a kid but I had some rights
Then, one night, we lose it
Start shoving and cussing
And that cheap shot to the head when I wasn't looking
And you tell me to grow up

While you’re picking fights with your own kid
Get drunk and forgot what you did
After that it was eerie silence
For days, there would be no way to vent
Then I just packed up and ran
I'm sorry for what I did
But I couldn't take your fits
Now we don't talk at all
Except that one time you called

Talking cruelly and telling me to get a life
I'm sorry I didn't come planned
Now I'm not there
But I don't think you deserve me there
But there's a stain of guilt that I can't bare
And I'm thinking that it's not fair
I'm sorry I'm a mistake
I'm sorry I made that stack
I'm sorry we didn't have a chance to make it right

I'm sorry

© 2010 Ian Faraway

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flawless and wonderful. So strong and emotion for over time of a friendship to a life time relationship on one another but, of ever error in life he may have had he said "sorry" over and over a thousand time. I may be a little lost but, it was nice and its always good to give second chance because if not a second chance to make things right how can we make this one life count. Nicely done and keep up the good work.

Posted 9 Years Ago

This poem is hundred percent great because of the word 'sorry'.
In relationship or friendship we must learn to say sorry to each other. It melts the heart of the one you have wronged into forgiveness.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on July 26, 2010
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Ian Faraway

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