On Wing's Of Shadow Introduction To Tirrlym

On Wing's Of Shadow Introduction To Tirrlym

A Story by Walczak

The starting introduction to a book about dragon riders that I'm going to write. Looking to see if anyone likes my ideas and thinks I should keep writing. (This will be added to).


Index of Characters:


Aylarn: Pure brown dragon, ridden by Willie

Briar: Son of Ciara, student, *The Big Wolf

Daina: Student

Dane: Flight Marshall of Bailia, Husband of Leonora, father of Dylan and Doran, foster father of Kalen, rider of Fafnir

Doran - Door-anne: Son of Dane and Leonora, Brother of Dylan, rider of Ghanis

Dylan: Son of Dane and Leonora, Brother of Doran, student, *The Alpha Wolf

Edyth/Edith: Student, **The God of War

Fafnir: Pure red Dragon, ridden by Dane

Ghanis: Blue and green dragon, ridden by Doran

James: The kid from the corner

Kalen: Foster son of Dane and Leonora, *The Dark Wolf

Leonora: Wife of Dane, mother of Dylan and Doran, foster mother of Kalen (dead)

Maven-May-ven: Son of Renar and Sarah, student, *The Little Wolf

Riordan: Lord of , father of Rose

Rose: Daughter of Riordan, student

(Master) William/Willie: Combat master of non-riders, rider of Aylarn

Xylar - (Zylar): **The Lord of War



*Members of the Wolves

**Members of the Men of War

About Dragons


While young, dragons are all identical in physical structure and the only differences between dragons before they reach maturity are their colour and size. Once a dragon reaches maturity it will begin to change its body type in a way that matches the colour of its scales, these are as follows.


Red: (Male only) Growth continues and the dragon becomes massive and powerful. Must be sired by a red dragon.

Blue: (Male or Female) Growth is stunted so that the dragon is agile and has fast reflexes. Blue dragons are not fertile.

Silver/Grey/White: (Male or Female) Front legs become arms and the dragon’s spine changes so that it can stand upright. Scales change from grey to silver at maturity.

Green: (Male or Female) Wings and wing muscles continue to grow so that the dragon can fly for long periods of time without tiring and faster.

Brown: (Male or Female) All four legs are absorbed into the body and the dragon’s tail, body and head continue to grow longer, brown dragons are snake-like in appearance.

Purple: (Male or Female) Wings are absorbed into the body and rapid muscle growth begins. At no point of their life are purple dragons capable of flight.

Gold: (Female only) Growth continues for a small amount of time and the dragon becomes fertile.

Black: Savage dragons. Dragons can be born savage upon which they will be killed or they can go savage rather then kill themself after the death of their rider. Black dragons continue to grow for as long as they live.


Dragons can be more then one colour but never more then two. Some combinations never occur, these are: Red and Purple, Green and Purple, Red and Blue and Gold and Blue. A rider’s dragon is always the same sex as them. All dragons can mate but as stated above Blue males are not and only Gold females are fertile. Dragons and their riders have separate love lives although it is common for rider’s feelings to influence their dragons and vice versa.




The Magic Of Tirllym


In the land of Tirllym all people have some magically ability no matter how small that ability may be. For instance one person may be able to lift a grain of sand telekinetically if they focus all their energy and another person may be able to move a mountain. How powerful a person is at birth is determined by a few factors; how magically skilled the persons parents were, generally a child will be at least as powerful as their parents. Secondly the race of a person in part determines their magical ability, similar to how some races have changed to run faster or swim better and also some races magic is influenced by their emotions. The third factor is how often a person uses magic, each time someone uses magic and then recovers the energy they used they will become more powerful although overusing magic can weaken a person considerably, it should be noted that all people have a limit to how powerful they can become and over time if a person does not use magic their extra power will deteriorate. The final factor is luck; the child of two parents that have barely any magical skill could be the most powerful mage ever although this is very unlikely.


Using magic people can speak to and trick others telepathically, create fire, move objects (telekinesis), call upon the spirits of the wild to their aid and control the earth the oceans and the skies. Extremely powerful individuals are capable of mind control and masters of magic can supposedly alter time.


Upon bonding with a dragon a person loses all magical ability they have gained during their life so far and are only as powerful as they were at birth. Although this means that new dragonriders are very weak by six months time they will be at least three times as powerful as they were before they bonded. As well as this a dragonriders power will not deteriorate and certain dragonriders have be known to have no limit to how powerful they can become. Dragonriders are most powerful when using fire or controlling the sky and are usually weak with other kinds of magic except for riders of purple dragons who excel at controlling the earth rather then the sky. A dragonriders fire becomes the same colour as their dragon and occasionally exhibits additional properties.

© 2012 Walczak

Author's Note

Looking for feedback on my ideas, thanks for reading (:

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