A Story by Wandering Violet

Stereotypes don't matter




Rachel rapidly scanned through the list of Suggested For You videos. How on earth did YouTube come up with half of them?  She’d never have chosen to watch an animated fight between a rhinoceros and lion, nor was she interested in Russian TV news items on radiation.


About to delete them all, for some reason she paused by the last video.  It was simply called Amelia, and the slightly blurred picture showed a figure in red.  Without really thinking, she clicked on it. 


The sudden blast of music through the headphones made her start as Amelia strode onstage.  Her voice was beautiful and clear, quite light for a male and her movements were exquisitely graceful. 


Rachel watched, amazed as Amelia performed her song and took a curtsey at the end. Her dress shimmered under the stage lights and her earrings twinkled and flashed under waves of long dark hair.  The clip was so short, only two minutes in length.


She searched for some time trying to find other videos of Amelia but without success.  This was apparently the only one available on YouTube. 


She clicked Replay and watched it over, several times.  There was something about this drag queen, a strange combination of beauty with subtle strength and command.  Rachel considered herself a fairly butch lesbian normally attracted to others similar to her, yet the sight of Amelia had a peculiar fascination.  She wanted Amelia regardless of her gender. 


© 2011 Wandering Violet

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This is really good. It would be interesting to see what Rachel does in her quest to find Amelia. Very enjoyable read.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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I appreciate the straight forward style. Also related a lot to the content. It's amazing how you tube can surprise and stimulate us sometimes.

Posted 9 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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Added on September 8, 2011
Last Updated on September 8, 2011
Tags: gay, lesbian, transgender, drag queen


Wandering Violet
Wandering Violet

New Zealand

I’m Wandering Violet, a young Kiwi writer. I hope you enjoy reading my ramblings :-) I’m a great believer in equality, and I hate discrimination in all forms. I'm lesbian and Chris.. more..