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Bluebeard was filthy rich, but because of his unique appearance, he tended to be ostracized by society.   He’d been married several times, but some of his wives had disappeared and rumour was he’d murdered them to get their life insurance. 


Eventually he marries this young woman and they live happily together for a while.  He has to go away to consult with his accountant because the tax department is after him for tax evasion, so he unwisely tells his wife she can explore the multi-storey mansion at her leisure, apart from his garden shed which he regards as his territory.  She agrees, not particularly interested in his collection of engines and car parts anyway.


However being a woman, curiosity gets the better of her one day and she decides it won’t hurt just to have a peek, in fact she might find out what he’s got her for Christmas. She does hope it’s not another marble statue because they’re such a pain to clean, all those little parts need careful dusting. 


There wasn’t much of interest in the shed, just rusty bits of metal and stuff.  Unfortunately she dropped the key in a puddle of oil and must have dripped some of it on the carpet when she went back into the house. 


When Bluebeard came back the next day, he saw the oil stains on the carpet and was furious that she’d gone into his shed.  They have a big row, he assaults her and she packs up her bags and goes, threatening to file for a protection order.  She goes to a Women’s Refuge House and stays the night there while getting a lawyer to draw up the necessary documents. 


The case goes to Court and the relationship property division is completed. They split the house proceeds in half and he gets to keep the shed contents while she can have the flat screen TV. 

© 2011 Wandering Violet

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Not as entertaining as Chapter One, I thought she would find body parts in there, haha.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on November 10, 2011
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