Angels Never Sleep

Angels Never Sleep

A Poem by A. V. Madison

Called Angels Never Sleep after the saying "Angels never sleep, but neither do the demons".

I began kindergarten
and sad to leave
my family behind. 
I began first grade, 
a little scared, 
and ended up moving in
the middle of the year
400 miles away
and I don't know if I ever 
even finished it. 
I began third grade
in a whole new town, 
scared out of my mind
because we were close to being broke
I began fourth grade
with just a few friends
and a wild imagination
inside a twisted head. 
I began fifth grade with
no one. 
My friends didn't like me
I began sixth grade,
scared again, because
not all of my friends went to
the same middle school. 
I started seventh grade
with scars on my wrists, 
because we were almost broke, 
and I only had one true
friend that I could count on, 
who self-harmed too.

I finished seventh grade
with fond memories
and broken hearts, 
crying on my best friend's shoulder
because we both thought
we wouldn't make it.
We starved ourselves,
purged up food, 
slit our wrists,
didn't feel so good, 
had boys that broke our hearts
had boys that made us feel special. 
I ended seventh grade, 
came out to my parents as
and here I'm left wondering, 

will I even survive eighth grade?

© 2013 A. V. Madison

Author's Note

A. V. Madison
*Second grade isn't logged because I scored so high on the state standards test that I went straight to third*

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Oh Maddie Maddie...such a painful read. Of course you're going to make it, you're a tough cookie and a talented one at that....don't let the bozo's get you down, it's all part of life, we do survive. Show em your moxy girl....

Posted 9 Years Ago

A. V. Madison

9 Years Ago

That is so inspirational Frieda :) xoxo thanks. it's so nice to hear from you :)
Frieda P

9 Years Ago

My pleasure Maddie, enjoyed this glimpse into the chaos. ;-) xox
ha! thats how i felt in 7th grade. but my best friend and i were eataholics who didnt give z crap. i had an extreme anxiety disorder (still do less prominent now) and she had self harm issues. now were both seniors in love and happy. it gets better babe

Posted 9 Years Ago

To protect this world from earthly evils, Angels should gotta awake. Angels're only the one hope now who can protect Humans from earthly evils.
Very nice and a very bright sight of the poem that you've shown me by this piece, i liked this poem, here i can see some reality... of you eyes.
beautifully penn'd.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Of course you'll make it and get through highschool and graduate and continue on down a path of your choosing... why? Because your not the type of person to quit and even though you get frustrated at humanity for their stupidity at times... you really do enjoy helping others... it's one of those feel good highs that make all the other crap seem not as muddy. OR at least, that's my guess. =)

I enjoyed how you set this poem up. It had a great flow and certainly made a person see a facet of who the writer is.

Thanks for sharing!

Posted 9 Years Ago

A. V. Madison

9 Years Ago

Wow, you described me perfectly. I'm actually a destructive behavior recovery sponsor, and I do get .. read more

9 Years Ago

That's so awesome!
hmmmm, this is interesting and very sad. But good job!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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A. V. Madison
A. V. Madison

Only a Kid, But Hard To Scare, CA

I'm Maddie. Clumsy. Short-tempered. Quite an oddball. Sort of silly. I make big plans then never do them. I have a fascination with tiny lights. I have atelophobia and OCD. I am the definition.. more..

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