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Portraits & Profiling

A Chapter by A. V. Madison

amelia delune

After selling her sanity to Lucifer to learn what killed her parents, Amelia was found muttering about demons and angels in a dank New York alley. Two Greater Angels, Gabriel and Lucas, took her in, and she currently resides in the basement of St. Gabriel’s Church. She spends much of her time reading books and staying out of people’s way. 

Gabriel fell in love with Amelia, catering to her needs, and teaching her all about The Perpetual War between demons and angels. But as her lack of sanity drove a wedge between them, Gabriel stopped visiting her in the basement, and sent other angels down to take care of her, fore the mere sight of his beloved was too painful to bear.

Amelia knows many different languages, and she is useful to the angels because of this. She can translate nearly everything, but unfortunately, she’ll never be able to translate her insanity into logic.


jia angela

Born a Dutch princess a millennium ago under the name Eve, she went through the Angelic Transformation when she was twenty six and dying of syphilis. She’d met the Greater Angel Gabriel during this time, and the two be

came good friends. He broke Angelic Law and turned her immortal, healing her disease. The two went on wild adventures together, until the late 15th century when they met Lucas, a new Greater Angel.

Jia and Lucas had a short-lived romance that was very toxic. Lucas called it quits after the 16th century began and he fell in love with a Chinese peasant. Jia, brokenhearted, spent two centuries partying and sleeping with various men and women, before she returned to Gabriel’s church, in need of a friend. Gabriel gladly took her in, and she now works as an angel of good. 

An angel named Catalina was transferred to Gabriel’s church, and Jia found herself very attracted to her. Catalina, a rather innocent sixteen year old girl, also fell in love with Jia, although it was against her biblical beliefs. But, what can we say? Jia’s always been a little on the bad side. 

START OF AN END - original miniseries by A. V. Madison

catalina moroca

Catalina went through the angelic transformation when she was just sixteen in the late 1900’s, under the care of the Greater Angel Michael, because Gabriel needed more angels at his church. Catalina was at first bewildered how the inter-dimensional churches worked, and how you had to have Angelic Grant to enter the parts of it that seemed to extend forever, magically. She was lost in these halls one night when she came across Jia, another angel that worked in that particular church. 

The two began talking, and after awhile, formed a great friendship. But Catalina found herself wanting more, even though she was a devout Christian. For weeks, she refused to see Jia, but her attraction proved too strong as she learned that Angelic Love is much stronger than that of a human. The next time they were alone together, Catalina crushed herself against Jia. That night, she lost her virginity to Jia, and their secret affair has continued ever since. 

Catalina is often very disgusted with herself, and packs in a lot of self-hate. Not just because of her relationship with Jia, but because she was an anorexic before Michael Transformed her. She is struggling with depression, something that is normally cured after Transformation, but her’s proves to be stronger than that.

START OF AN END - original miniseries by A. V. Madison


Michael is one of the oldest angels; he is also a drunk. He runs the St. Michael’s church in San Francisco and is close friends with Gabriel in New York. He shut down his church to the public after Transforming Catalina, a girl who went to his church and he had a fatherly role over. He is demoralized because the number of angels left in this world is dwindling down, and the demons seem to be winning. To numb himself, he gets drunk.

Michael’s attitude towards the world is skewed because of his pessimistic personality. One of the targets of his hate is Lucas, whom he is easily annoyed by. 

Michael has only a few angels working at his church because he has a taste for solitude.

START OF AN END - original miniseries by A. V. Madison

lucas elijah

Lucas is one of the youngest Greater Angels, going through the Angelic Transformation at the hands of Samuel in the early fourteenth century. Samuel turned him into a Greater Angel when he discovered his compassion and love for the human race more than simply Angelic. 

After being turned into a Greater Angel, he went through a darker phase, when he had a passionate affair with Lucifer. She drew him into the darkness and took some of his soul, in hopes of making him into a demon. But his goodness shone through, and he escaped her in the end of the 14th century. He then had a relationship with Jia until the 16th century, but he deemed it toxic, and was left to deal with his guilt after she left. He worked in Gabriel’s church until Jia came back in the early 1900’s. The three became good friends, and are often referred to them as the Three Musketeers. 

Lucas falls deeply in love with Tegan, a new angel, and opens up to her about his romance with Lucifer. After all, darkness weighs more than the light.

START OF AN END - original miniseries by A. V. Madison

tegan erickson

Tegan awoke on the steps on St. Gabriel’s Church, knowing nothing except her age and her name, and that she was an angel. After further examination by Gabriel, it is concluded that she went through the Angelic Transformation at the hands of someone who wasn’t qualified to do so. Tegan remains an amnesiac, constantly searching for ways to find her memory, as she and Lucas begin to grow ever closer.


START OF AN END - original miniseries by A. V. Madison

lucifer / lucille

Commonly going by Lucille, rather than the more harsh Lucifer, Lucille is one half of the evil of this world and counterpart of Satan. While Satan handles the deaths and tragedies on Earth, Lucille is more inclined to the business end of things. She is also the demon who took Amelia Delune’s sanity.

Lucille had a passionate affair with Lucas hundreds of years ago, and is still a little bitter about her inability to fully draw him into the darkness. But those wounds scarred over, and Lucille is just as big and bad as ever. 

Lucille is very conscious of her movements, and they are graceful and often sexy. She cuts to the chase and sees things how they are, which results in her being blunt and often rude. But she’s the face of evil itself, so she can make any enemy cower. 

START OF AN END - original miniseries by A. V. Madison

satan / stanley

Satan goes by Stanley in the common world. He is usually seen smoking, and rarely leaves the house during the day. He is the less-friendly counterpart of Lucifer, and while she handles the witchcraft and business end of evil, Stanley is in it for the rush and the kill, and more importantly- the money.

He is as old as time itself, yet remains to look about 25. He draws women in to kill them, a cousin of the extinct race of incubus vampires. He is a force to be reckoned with. Actually, he is the force itself. 

START OF AN END - original miniseries by A. V. Madison

gabriel angela

Gabriel is one of the oldest Greater Angels on Earth. He put Lucas and Jia through the Angelic Transformation, and he has a very close friendship with the both of them. He loves to read, and even has a massive room in his church dedicated to books everywhere from To Kill A Mockingjay to Les Miserables [he speaks French, in fact he speaks most languages] to The Hunger Games to The History Of Witchcraft. He will read anything, old or new, just to expand his knowledge. But one thing he’ll never be able to learn, is how to deal with his emotions. 

Gabriel is hopelessly in love Amelia Delune, the insane girl in the basement. He doesn’t go down there often, because he’s afraid his Angelic emotions will take over and he’d hurt her, but a lot of his time is spent reading on how to get sanity into someone’s mind. He follows Lucas for the most part, but when it comes down to it, everyone knows that Gabriel is the boss, even if he is shy most the time.

© 2013 A. V. Madison

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