1. Seven Devils

1. Seven Devils

A Chapter by A. V. Madison

"Holy water cannot help you know, a thousand armies couldn't keep me out." -Seven Devils, Florence & The Machine

Their bodies were entwined in the pale yellow sheets, the perfect portrait of harmony. To the unenlightened spectator, they looked to be immersed in love and desire for each other. But to all who knew, it was usually not so. 

Jia’s hand toyed with soft strands of long blonde hair on Catalina’s head, as Catalina laid beside her with her arms draped over Jia’s bare stomach, her chests pressed up against the other girl’s abdomen. It was lovely how the duo could be so open with one another. After all, Jia was the one to take Catalina’s virginity those many months ago. 

Catalina let out a yawn and closed her eyes, knowing that she wouldn’t be able to sleep now that it was nearly nine o’clock in the morning, but a girl could try. 

"Still sleepy, love?" Jia asked, her voice, after all those centuries, still accented slightly with a Dutch lilt. She moved her hand downward to draw invisible designs on Catalina’s bare back. She caught a glimpse of herself in the far off mirror on the other side of her expansive bedroom, and couldn’t help but love the reflection. Catalina looked so at ease, snuggled beside her. Jia’s short black hair was a mess from the night before, and she still hand some dirt under her fingernails, since she hadn’t had a chance to shower after her hunt before Catalina pounced. 

Jia let a weary smile grace her lips as she recalled the past night’s events. She’d opened the door to her bedroom as she took off the flannel coat and workman’s boots that desperately needed to be washed. They were coated in splashes of demon blood and viscera. She pulled off her tanktop right as two familar hands wrapped around her abdomen. It always started so innocently, so sweetly. One would come crawling back to the other- no matter how many times they denied it, they were painfully in love- and a one night stand would ensue. But the mornings were filled with regret, with one of the two girls sneaking out of the room. This had gone on for almost a full year, and the two had yet to admit it to themselves that they needed each other to survive. 

Catalina sat up, pulling Jia from her thoughts, and sighed. Jia always found Catalina to be one of the most beautiful angels she’d ever had relations with. For a sixteen year old, Catalina was well developed, physically and mentally. Jia would sometimes forget that they were immortal, and the ten year age gap would always be there, and whatever was going on between them would always be considered scandalous to the human world. 

"I should go." The blonde said, leaving the bed and walking towards the door, where her clothes had been stranded the night before. Jia watched as the object of her affection redressed herself. 

"Don’t you think the others will be a little suspicious as to why you’re wearing the same dress you were yesterday?" She said bitterly. It’s not that she held any anger towards Catalina, but the sight of seeing her go every morning out of shame was getting progressively more difficult.

Catalina smoothed out the white sundress and slid on her floral print Doc Martens silently, stealing a hair band off of the table to her left and putting her hair into a messy ponytail. “I don’t plan on letting anyone see me.”

Jia clenched and released her jaw, “This is ridiculous.”

Catalina swiveled her head around in search of her underwear. “That’s what you say every time.”

Jia picked up the red lacy undergarment from the floor and tossed it to her. “Because it is. Whatever we are needs to be addressed-“

"There is nothing that pertains to us, Jia.” Catalina retorted. 

Jia ran her hands over her face, “Why would you just f*****g admit that you’re in love with me?”

"Is this truly your definition of love?" She gestured between them. 

Jia smirked, “Dear, coming to me in the dead of the night seeking my affection, or more specifically, my lips and other body parts…” She wiggled her fingers in the air.

"Stop." Catalina hissed. 

"…is kind of my definition of love. I mean, we both know you don’t keep coming back for my sparking personality." Jia rolled her eyes. 

Catalina opened her mouth to protest when loud footsteps came roaring through the hall outside. She ducked into the bathroom right as the door came swinging open. Jia didn’t bother to cover her exposed breasts, as it was only Gabriel, and they’d both seen parts of the other that they didn’t care to admit. 

Gabriel sighed at Jia’s lack of clothing- it was only what you could expect from her- and spoke soberly. “We’ve received another angel this morning. 

Jia furrowed her brow, suddenly alarmed. “But no one sent us any letters-“

Gabriel held up a hand, “Yes, I know. She’s amnesiac, also. She doesn’t remember anything except for what she’d remember if she was put through the Angelic Transformation by someone who wasn’t equipped to do so.”

"She’d only remember her name and that she was angel." Jia said softly. 

"Her name is Tegan. I suggest you get dressed before coming upstairs. She’s quite a bit shaken, and although you’re never the kindest person," He grinned, "There’s no other female angels here besides you and Catalina, and I can’t seem to find her. Speaking of which, have you seen her?"

Jia half-grinned wickedly, “Not at all.” 

Gabriel caught his lip between his teeth, exiting reality and going back to his thoughts, as he shut the door and hurried back down the hall. 

Catalina emerged from the bathroom, “Thank you for covering for me.”

Jia chuckled as Catalina left the room, “But doll, I thought you liked me better when I wasn’t covered at all?”

Catalina shouted something back, dripping in swear words, as she shut the door. 

Jia laughed and decided to get dressed to see what all the commotion was about. 

© 2013 A. V. Madison

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