Zoe Tenshi

Zoe Tenshi

A Story by Toribird

A thing me and my friend are doing ^^

Prophecy of the Divine Ones: Zeus, young and irate, will sleep with Metis, impregnating her with their first child, Athena. After the act, he hears a whisper of the gods, saying they heard a future teller say that Metis will bare children with limitless power, two more, to be exact. Upon hearing that, Zeus laughed. By proving his arrogance, and his superiority and smarts, he sleeps with Metis one more time, in thinking that one more time will not fulfill the prophecy. Months later, Metis gives birth.. to two young twins. One of the Light, and one of the Dark. Fearing the worst, Zeus ate Metis. After doing so, he realized that the children were already born and breathing babies. Already winning over the hearts of the other gods and goddess's. Not wanting to be rebelled against, he raised them. Trying to figure out a way to get rid of them before they can over-throw him.
Hello! My name is Zoe Tenshi. This is my story. I was mindless reading a book in the gardens when my mirror twin comes running up. Laila pulled out a scroll and read it to me, explaining the idea that the two of us are a pair of a powerful twins. The idea was fine with me until Laila shoved it in fathers face. I was quiet and first hoping with all my heart it would blow over. It didn't. Soon father was ripping Laila apart and convinced everyone she must be sent down to earth. As far as I'm concerned Laila didn't fall. She was shoved. Zeus comforted me and told me it was for the better. Soon he had hero's lining our door. I was to be wed and sent away. Before the awful day came I jumped. Following my sister down to earth. 
I quickly found my sister and never leave her side. Our new game has become trying to make people guess which twin is which. I have discovered that as much as you read about taking an adventure in another land, its more scary in person then it is on paper. Earth is filthy, and i have unfortunately developed a phobia of being touched by theses horrid earthlings. I would like to return to olympus...but not without Laila. Enough of that though. Would you like to play our game?

© 2010 Toribird

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Added on October 13, 2010
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