Man On Wire Creative Writing

Man On Wire Creative Writing

A Story by Toribird

I am taking a Film studies class and we had to write/do something creative. I chose to write a story! Let me know what you think!


Man On Wire Creative Writing Project

Tori T

I have been standing on a wire for as long as I can remember. I can walk barefoot on a wire thirty feet above the ground and my heart will remain perfectly calm. I have been doing so for about then years now. In different costumes, different places, and with different people watching, I have walked across wires.  That is where I stand now; thirty feet above a net in the center of a wire. My wide, light blue tutu stuck out from my hips and the diamond studded corseted top hugged my body tightly, just barely allowing me to breath. My long black hair fell to my chest and glimmered slightly from the various bits of fire that lined the high-top tent, threatening to burn it to the ground with red, orange, and blue tongues licking at the white fabric. I scanned the crowed with blue eyes, a small smile coming to my face. Their worried looks were almost comforting. I knew I would make it across, but what I knew made no difference to them. The fun and sexy music inspired me to give a sexy little hip wiggle causing my wire to quiver slightly under my feet but inspired some whistles and a little laughter from the audience. I love them. It was only fair I reassured them that I was going to be fine. I continued my walk across the rope with my feet pointed perfectly and my hands on my swaying hips. I hopped to the platform at the end of the wire and gave another shimmy of my hips and a bow. The tent erupted with cheers and whistles. I climbed down the ladder and gave another little bow before walking around the ring with a little skip in my step as the tigers came out. I walk through the flap at the back to find an elderly woman shaking her head at me.

Miss. Oliver had long silver hair and dark, judging brown eyes. Her choice of loose, flowing dresses made her look like she should be leaning over a cauldron and cackling as a black cat circled her feet. She was the closest thing I’ve ever had to a mother and the look on her face was slightly disapproving. She placed her hand on the small of my back and pushed me forward and out into the cold outdoor air. The chill caused me to shiver a bit and stung my lungs but it was a refreshing change from the tent.

“I swear these costumes will be the death of you and what was that wiggle? Your teasing will get you into trouble Emma. You’re only sixteen.” Miss Oliver said tugging open the back of the top.

“Oh stop fussing Rose.” I laughed and sucked in a deep breath of air with a sigh of relief.  God. I really like breathing. I looked out over the bright lights of the city and my heart seemed to stop for a fraction of a second. I needed to leave. I had been working here for some ten years. Thousands of dollars sat in a bank waiting for me to use it, to leave, to explore the world. Yet here I stood. I suppose it was fear that kept me walking across tightropes in a large, pop up, traveling circus.  Fear that our manager would simply not allow me to leave, that once again his hand or the embers of his lit cigarette would leave yet another circular scar on pale my skin. I shivered from the memories but Rose took it as a chill. She whisked me back inside and tightened up the corset so I would be ready to bow. We all marched out into the tent as people yelled and clapped. It was my turn to walk forward. I began my walk with a little bit of a hip flick and didn’t notice one of the trainer’s whips had fallen to the ground. I squeaked a bit as I tripped over the handle and stumbled forward. I quickly regained my balance and stood with my arms over my head and gave a bow before stepping aside. I could feel the sharp stab of fear in my gut. Had he seen?

Of course he had. The show ended and people shook my hand or took my picture as they filed out. When the last one was gone I turned to find the master standing in front of me. It would feel like an understatement to say he was fat. His green eyes were angry and his teeth a dark black from too much coffee and I’m sure whatever drugs he was taking. I began to shake a bit as his hand rose. I closed my eyes and felt the sharp pain of his numerous rings hitting the side of my face. I dropped to the ground and let out a soft gasp and a little sob as to not promote any more of his hitting. He turned and walked out of the tent. Rose came over to me and picked me up. I had gotten off easy.  I pressed my hand to my cheek and glared at his back. I needed to leave and never come back.

At sunset I pulled my few possessions together and tossed them in a little backpack I had hidden under my bed. I tossed in my comb, a hair tie, and a few other little necessities. I pulled on a black pair of sweat pants and a large black nightshirt I had stolen from one of the elephant boys. I opened the door of the white trailer and began to run through the darkness. My tattered sneakers make a small thud on the ground but I cared little about who heard them. My heart was pounding.

“Emma stop!” The loud gruff voice behind me was Alexander’s, the master’s head of security. I couldn’t stop. I continued to run and run. Footsteps thudded after me and fingers ripped out strands of my hair causing me to cry out. I ripped my head away from the hand and dashed into the streets of the city. I weaved through alleyways and lost all sense of direction. The footsteps behind me slowly got lost and I myself was also lost. My running became a hesitant walk and my eyes were drawn to the bright lights and the sound of music. I finally reached the source and stood in awe. The colors, the lights, the people… the freedom. It all hit me with a thud and my face lit up. I was free. I walked forward to the center of town and was drawn to a wire drawn across the length of the square. A boy stood on it in a pair of shorts, holding a torch in each hand. He reached the end of the wire and bowed down to his audience, who in turn threw coins into a hat. He climbed down from the roof and caught my eye. His eyes lit up and he walked in my direction. I could feel a blush crawling over my cheeks and my heart thudded in my chest. Had I been caught? He reached out his hand and then let it drop as he stood in front of me. His blue eyes looking back at mine.

“Are you the walker for the circus? Your amazing.” His tone was harmless and curious but I still winced a bit. I nodded.

“Thank you. Your not bad yourself.” I smiled at him and looked up at his wire. A bit of red crawled over his cheeks.

“My name is Jason.”

“I’m Emma.”

            He took my hand and pulled me up to the rooftop. After a moment we both looked at each other and both stepped onto the wire.

© 2011 Toribird

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