Dream of the Rose's Kiss

Dream of the Rose's Kiss

A Poem by Warren L.G De Mills

I dreamed I kissed a rose

She was from my past

I intended to propose

But that love didn't last

Her pink petals shone

Inscribed " I Love you"

We were all alone

With a beautiful view

My lips had trembled

As she laid upon me

My heart was troubled

Yet it kissed eagerly

Nervously I retreated

At thought of my love

Felicity was defeated

And commitment thereof

My eyes were opened

My burden was heavy

The rose of real time

Had not spoken to me

I missed her voice

And her loving embrace

But was it my choice

To love a lost face?

There must be a meaning

To this strange vision

But images are deceiving

While the message is hidden

My heart cries and yearns

For my rose of real time

And while i try to discern

It plays tricks on my mind

The kiss is a desire

For something now lost

The rose is a liar

Who I cannot trust

The rose of real time

Turns the other way

While my desire is blind

And so easily swayed

My eyes haven't closed

Since that fateful night

While conscious I oppose

To such a terrible sight

So I resent sunsets

If it brings these thoughts

Of a rose I once met

And a love I once caught

There must be an end

To this terrible blight

But I must use my pen

And stay awake and write

Every emotion

And heartfelt pain

Each burning notion

To kiss you again

When this poem is over

My mind will find peace

As the night grows colder

The sun is released

© 2012 Warren L.G De Mills

Author's Note

Warren L.G De Mills
“I had a dream that I kissed my first love. This is inspired me to look up dream interpretations and meanings. What I learned was that I did not long to have her back but my heart was yearning for a release from the weight of the burdens I have been carrying for a while and so it went back to a time when I was totally happy and worry free. When I read about the details of how dreams work I realized I had to write this as a poem because it may never happen again. So explained the symbols my heart used to represent different feelings, my love, the rose of real time and my first love, the rose. I also had a bit of insomnia that week and many other poems came out as a result.”

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I'm all for figuring out dreams..but I sometimes have more question about mine than they themselves actually answer..lol This rhyming pattern took me a moment because some of them don't exactly match..which is fine..just saying it took me a moment..before I caught on. The poem its self had an urgency to it..like you woke up in a panic (not hysterics) and just had to write this down, type vibe. I liked it very much...the fact that you researched the meanings is just brilliant. I just try to put mine together with what went on recently...long story. But you've made a very mind thinking piece (no pun) Makes ya really wonder what our brain has in store for us to figure out next time we dream...you brought that into the light for us :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

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well, if it's based from a dream
it's a beautiful dream

Posted 8 Years Ago

Beautiful! You made the words feel real =)

Posted 9 Years Ago

:) Good, for the many poems you got out of that. Lying rose, I really like that:) Great write!

Posted 9 Years Ago

I like the short line length and simple use of words. For a poem using the rose image - surely one of the most overused ideas in poetry! - you have actually made it a fresh and vibrant image, so well done!

Posted 9 Years Ago

So great, I loved how you transgressed from one picture to another about this one entire fragility. Well done.

Posted 9 Years Ago

I like the form and word play.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Well wow, this is really nice to have written this poem from a dream and interpretation as you spoke of in your author's note. Quite a nice poem to write just from the meanings you found. I like how you used the rose in this poem, very very nice. This has a nice story to it just as your dream did it seems like. Nice job, enjoyed.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Very lyrical and sweet, even if a bit cliche, I hardly felt it. Just really pure poetry.

Posted 9 Years Ago

The first three stanzas and this stanza: "So I resent sunsets
If it brings these thoughts
Of a rose I once met
And a love I once caught"
were the most impressive to me. I love the depth of them all, the ongoing (metaphor?) leaves it open for many interpretations. The subconscious has always intrigued me. It tells us things we have longed for and the things we have trouble letting go of. I really love this, and the flow was superb as well. I think that relates to the stream of the subconscious when we dream, too. Phenomenal work!

Posted 9 Years Ago

Very good write my friend.. I could sense it while reading it read..

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Warren L.G De Mills
Warren L.G De Mills

Port -Of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

Warren L.G De MillsPromote Your Page Too Like that page!!^^ Warren L.G De Mills is a seventeen year old Poet/Musician. Born in the far off Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago, He was raised .. more..


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