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Gracelia da Mornica was said to have been blessed by the Goddess of Winter when she was born on the day of the first snow.


      The moon was high in the sky, shining bright. Turning night into day as servants bustled around the mansion. The light from the windows casting their shadows onto the ground, as they ran. The breeze going through the trees suddenly became violent as if a tornado was coming through the valley. The shutters rattled on their hinges as the wind whipped against them, sounding like a banshee’s howl. Inside the mansion in the master room a woman screamed from pain, doctors huddled together around her. She was breathing hard from trying to bring a life into the world. Soon she collapsed but the baby did not cry, the doctors looked at each other worried. However the woman’s husband came through the door and spoke.

      “Is the baby alright?” The doctors turned and bowed their heads, one of the maids carried the baby over to the man.

      “We aren’t sure my lord.”

      “Give the baby here.” The maid handed the child over to the man and as soon as she did the baby moved. Everyone in the room gasped from surprise, the man smiled.

      “Dear,” Said the woman on the bed. “Bring the baby over.” The man walked over to his wife, he sat beside her on the bed. Handing the child over to her the woman smiled. “She has white hair and rosy cheeks.” The woman gently touched the babies hand, to her surprise her daughter grabbed her finger tightly with a smile. “I think I have the perfect name for our daughter Hugh.” She looked up at her husband, he was smiling at his two girls with love in his eyes. He put his hand on her head, smoothing the hairs that were standing up.

      “What do you have in mind my dear Juliana?” Hugh asked. Juliana looked down at the small baby in her arms, milk white skin, rosey cheeks and white hair the color of the moon’s rays outside her window. The staff gasped as they looked outside, snow was falling from the clouds but the sky was still lit up by the moon.

      “It’s the first snow!” Said a maid to one of the doctors.

      “This child is blessed by the Goddess of Winter. It is said that when a child is born and it starts to snow, they will be blessed and have a good life.” One of the maids said while looking at Juliana. “My lady, she is truly blessed.” Juliana looked up at the maid and back to her daughter.

      “Hugh, due to it being the first snow. I think we should name her Gracelia.” Juliana said with a smile that reached her eyes. Her curly brown hair falling around her small face, her brown eyes filling with tears as she looked at the small child in her arms that she had carried for nine long months. Hugh put his arm around her shoulders and kissed the top of her head.

      “I think it’s a beautiful name my love. Fits our beautiful daughter perfectly.” Juliana and Hugh looked out the window with the staff as the snow began falling past while Gracelia slept in her mother’s arms.

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Added on March 4, 2019
Last Updated on March 4, 2019
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A Chapter by WayaPrincess23