The detective

The detective

A Story by WeakFreak

A good kids story

               "My name is Jasper and trust me when I tell you, I'm your friend. You might not know it yet, we might not know it yet, we might not have even met yet, but I know you're a good guy, which makes me your friend. I'm not like most of your friends though, you might even have some really strange friends, but trust me when I tell you, I'm stranger. See I'm a detective. You might know a detective but trust me, he's nothing like me. Even if that detective has solved thirty-seven cases this year, like I have, that detective is still nothing like me. Even if he's a privet detective much as I am, he is still completely different. Even if your little detective friend wears my same top hat, there's still one or two big differences between me and this detective you may or may not know, who has solved thirty-seven cases, works privately and wears a top hat. Now I'll tell you what makes me so different, special, I guess you could say. Number one, you didn't hire him to solve your case. Number two, I'm a fox." Said Jasper as he turned around in the swivel chair in the office where he works, in the privet office where he works.
               He put down his book and got up. To his clients surprise he walked on two legs, small guns strapped under his arms as he strutted in bid boot on the detective Jasper's feet making the strange large fox almost to the hight of her shoulders. As they walked to the crime scene the fox detective Jasper Markis went on speaking and his client Miss Peony Flax did not say a word as she marveled at the privet detective she had just hired.
              "I do understand how when I said fox you might have been confused, thinking I meant something else. You see though, that I didn't mean something else, for I said I was a fox and that's exactly what I am. I do understand why someone might hesitate to hire an animal such as myself to solve an important case. Although with over four hundred solved cases under my belt you'd think the hesitation would die in less then a moment. That was not what happened at first though, people wouldn't hire me so I hired myself. As to say I invited myself on to other cases. That though is in the past, and the present is you Miss Peony Flax, hiring me to solve the case of your murdered cousin who is one Aron Thalmer."
              As the detective had been looking into the case the whole time he talked. With a brief pause he said,
              "And that's exactly what I've done for you Miss Peony Flax. Solved your case, that is."
              "Wait you've already solved it?" She asked, being the first thing she said to him since  she told him about the case before he started talking and before he turned around in his chair.
              "Yes," Said Jasper the detective, "Your cousin's murderer is one Barton James, Whom your cousin Aron owed s sum of money. I have the evidence here, the police will be arresting him shortly."
              And so having solved Thirty-eight cases that year the fox detective Jasper Markis went back to his office picked up his book, turned around in his chair and read as he waited for the next unsuspecting client to walk through him door.  

© 2019 WeakFreak

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That is such a cute story. It's kind of like life, unexpected things happen to the randomness of people or animals.

Posted 2 Months Ago

Thanks For Sharing his nice Post.

Posted 3 Months Ago


3 Months Ago

thanks for reviewing.

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I'm kind of odd, and kind of normal, I'm good at faking things and I like writing cause I can tell the truth and no one thinks anything of it cause to them it's just a poem, or just a story. And maybe.. more..