Ray Albertson

Ray Albertson

A Poem by WeakFreak

This poem is inspired by someone I know.

Ray Albertson is my friend,
But the truth is he is not, because I do not know him,
No one should ever trust him,
Ray Albertson has been convicted,
Even though I am conflicted,
I still know he is no friend of mine.
There's something hidden in his eyes,
He has his secrets and I have mine, 
But has he ever cried?
So kind, so sweet,
A trick a cheat,
He Is A Hidden Monster!
Or maybe that's too harsh,
Perhaps he is just trying, doesn't know the truth is we're all dying,
Something about his energy,
In the mind of Ray A. something must be wrong,
Something I can't quite put my finger on,
What is it? and Why?
No hate in his eyes,
Not much there at all sometimes,
Just voids of empty time, carried on by fate,
Does Ray Albertson know who he is?
Does he know who he used to be?
Do we?
No we can't see,
Ray Albertson watches,
Ray Albertson sees,
But what happened to make him see?
Does he see like me?
Does he know I see?
Ray Albertson has many friends,
But Ray Albertson is no ones friend,
I cannot judge, I do not know,
But I trust my gut,
My gut says don't trust Ray. 

© 2019 WeakFreak

Author's Note

A little advice I'm sure we all know, be careful in the presence of a poet, they just might write a poem about you. Let me know what you think, dig deep and tell me what you find there.

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For me this shows that we never fully know someone and I like it a lot.

Posted 1 Week Ago


1 Week Ago

thank you T, I think that's true, the only person we know is ourselves, and sometimes not even then.

1 Week Ago

That's so true.

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1 Review
Added on June 20, 2019
Last Updated on June 20, 2019
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somewhere, ID

I'm kind of odd, and kind of normal, I'm good at faking things and I like writing cause I can tell the truth and no one thinks anything of it cause to them it's just a poem, or just a story. And maybe.. more..