Till the moment of reckoning

Till the moment of reckoning

A Chapter by Storyteller of Dimensions

Losing your family is a hard thing, but if you have to lose your family for the second time before your very eyes, something might snap in your head and send you into the fires revenge.


That day

I remember it well

it was sunny, the first spring day

that beautiful day

that took you away

my family


lost caused me unbearable pain

I choose to take it all

and threw it away

I gave up my hope

on seeing you

ever again


time passed

as water went down the creek

the pain did not washed away

I devoted myself to my values

I suffered, yet the pain was nothing

compared to the pain of losing you


as quickly as it came, it went

again I got careless

long forgotten dreams have awakened

nothing was meant to remain still

as I embarked on a crusade

to change the universe


I moved the universe

rainbow of emotions

and new frontiers

were daily guests in my world

and there in those dark days

friends became family


but a careless step was to haunt me

as unknowingly I gave into creation

of the most terrifying creature

as creek turned into river

I lived in ignorance

but the evil has woken up


one day

an unwelcome guest came

hammering on the door of our world

the horrid creature came and told me its name


name cursed by uncountable masses


again I took the fight

long red rivers filled the landscapes

and in the middle of that chaos

I got a glimpse of you

my lost sister


those few moments

will always stay in my mind

but one shall haunt me

for eternity

the sword of the cursed man

spilling your pure and innocent blood


What is Justice?

If your hearth gets torn out twice

For what was I punished?

Trying always to speak truth

For what was my sleep taken away?

Seeing all my friend die just a stretch of my hand away


I suffered from my youth

I lost you once again

my beloved younger sister

always full of question

of wonder, joy

of life


I'm here holding your warm hand,

that shall not last

thou my hope screams otherwise

I know too well

as I have seen before countless times

nothing last forever


I swear on what life remains in me

I shall not rest!

I've seen what I need to become

If I have to

and I'm not afraid to do so

to inflict the same wounds


the cursed race


shall crumble under my wrath

same as

the cursed daemon



I will not know sleep

I will know no distance

I will search everywhere

I'll reduce him to dust

as everyone who stands in my path


even if my own destruction

awaits at the end

I shall not abandon this vow

I'll go to the end

no matter the cost

till the end...


my sword

shall it by released

will rain blood and hope

that's the journey

I shall make alone

till I fulfill my vow to you


there will be no sleep for me

till the Moment of Reckoning

© 2012 Storyteller of Dimensions

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Added on March 2, 2012
Last Updated on March 2, 2012
Tags: struggle for balance, stars, universe, death


Storyteller of Dimensions
Storyteller of Dimensions

As you read my writing you probably notice soon that I'm not a native English speaker (I'm Czech), but I'm doing my best and I appreciate you feedback on the story side of my works while I'll work on .. more..